Hello this is Batking writing to you from the Moon (The Dark Side). I've decided to keep in touch with all users here on the Wiki. I am going to start writing Weekly Blogs. Every Friday or Sunday (depending on computer access) I am going to blog about my goals to accomplish on the Wiki that week, Wiki News that interested me, Random things, and a review for a thing if requested. I will also say an alien and image that I like that was added the week, and bid the people a farewell. Well what do you think? Is it going to be a bust or a hit? You tell me. Now here is the image that I like that was added between now, and last Friday. There will also be a User of the Week who you vote for.



The Alien that I selected this week was, Darkflame. I know he is an old one, but a new page was made for him, and it has a cool new image.

Well thanks for Reading, and I'll see you Friday or Christmas. Thatssssss A Nicccccccce Ssssssssssssignature You Have! BOOM! 02:28, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

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