It's my birthday today. But not just any birthday! I turn 13 today, meaning I'm no longer underage.

A birthday like this cannot go uncelebrated. So excluding Sunday and Saturday, I will post an episode of one of my series each day this week. As soon as I finish this blog, I will post the Nayvin 10 episode, Holes in One. Tomorrow, I will write an episode of Omnitrix Alien Showdown. After that, I'll write Pizza Party's Mind Swap. And on Thursday, I'll finish the Dustin 11 episode, The Boogie Battle.

Now I know what you're thinking. "What about on Friday?" you may ask. "Read the next paragraph," I may answer.

On Friday, I will be publishing the next episode for Evan Billion, Brazilian Soccer Match. But this will be no ordinary episode. This story was written entirely without using the word "the". Originally, I was just challenging myself for fun, but the timing was good, so I decided to make it a birthday challenge. And if you don't believe that I can write 23,618 bytes without using a word that has appeared in every single story ever written except Gadsby, then just tune in Friday and see for yourself.

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