As the senior users of the wiki know Ben 10: Stupidity Force was BTFF's greatest comedy series for a while, but it has been on a hitaus for almost a year since Omi has gone inactive.

Since he hadn't touched wiki since july we'll assume he isn't coming back (please lets not get into the subject of why he left... just makes people sadder D:).

I want BTSF to return so.... I want the co-writers to continue it . Since the hitaus started in the middle of 50TH_BTSF_EPISODE_CLIP_SPECTACULAR_THINGY! my idea is to continue it with Omi dying in some way in the show and stuff (sorry if it sounds offensive)

I have a plan how to continue the special and after that all the co-writers will make episodes and stuff, but untill then I want to hear the confirmation of Brian and another co-writer (Dan/Ancy/Tyran)

So... write your thoughts about it, read the series if you haven't.

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