This blog about important events in my future, and my franchise's

Timeline of Forever Knights (Franchise)

Knights of the Sword and Knight of All Knights are over and Knight of All Evil will end soon, so soon, many big premires will be happening:

  1. In just a few days Knights of Time will begin, begining the second generation of the franchise.
  2. On December 28th the epic gigantic crossover knight movie will premire crossing over all of the first generation series in a uniuqe way making their last showdown, ending all of their stories forever.
  3. On February 7th, on the one year anniversery of KOTS, my newest series, the newest forever knights franchise series and the spin-off of KOTS. It's 50 years after KOTS, ben is dead and Ed and Artrie are old. Unlike KOTS the series will have many sideplots and will not only focus on the main plot. Its general theme too will be different from KOTS focusing primaly on the legacy of the forever knights passing from generation to generation. The main hero will be a squire at the begining and progress into higher ranks inside a doomed world, without Ben Tennyson's protection the Earth is falling, the US goverment is in tention with the knights and a war is about to break out and the wost of all, the most evil of all those, may just be inside of the forever knights. And unless the forever knights find a good leader, The world is going to get destroyed one way or the other.
  4. Sometime in February Knight of the Mask will also be released.

My life

  1. This Untill the summer I'll have little time to chat and will try to use up my wiki time on writing.
  2. In the summer I will be mostly free and visit the wiki as much as I can
  3. Next year I'll barely be on.
  4. Sometime, mid 2014, when I finish KOTC and I finish the movie after it: "Leaders" I will leave the wiki, ending the franchise and my time as an active member.
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