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New Omniverse video wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check them all out. There are some awesome videos here!

More info about Omniverse recently released

Facts you may already know.

  • Onmiverse will premire on September 21st
  • The third episode's name in omniverse is "A Jolt From The Past" and it will premire on September 28th
  • The 6th episode name is "Trouble Helix"

What I think

  • Rook is freakin awesome! Though, I think the jokes about him will be tiresome after a while.
  • Argit!!!!! :D :D :D LOVE that guy, and the vreedles are awesome too.
  • Ben is pretty much how he always was, which is nice
  • I want to see how Jully appears in omniverse, and how Rook reacts to her
  • Omniverse shall be awesome.