I'm sorry. I can't do it anymore

BLAME SCHOOL, BLAME World of Warcraft addcitveness blame whatever but I will be rarely on.

I just can't. :/

The thing is I will be rarely on.

I'm behind with KOTS, I know.

KOTS will air its series finale

Though it will probably be later than planned.

After KOTS I will start my next knight series much later than planned

and it will air episode once in a long while

This blog is just too warn you

I wont be on chat unless someone messages me to.


Sorry Sorry


My time is limited. I hope you can understand.

The only reason I'm not leaving is KOTS and my friends here


Yours trully

Sklei, the school hater

Note: This is not a joke, the reason I made this page weird is my attitude.

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