I know that some users (including me) on the wikia use chat hacks but most don't. It's a feature that lets people have all sorts of extras on chat including Multi PC, Having a PING when someone says your name and many more. In this blog there step by step explanation how to get hacks

Instructions how to get hacks

  1. Click on this button and publish the page. It'll Publish your javascript page with the code for the chat hacks.
  2. After that the action is depending on your browser. You need to press one of the following on both JS page and on the wikia you want to use it in.
    • Chrome - Control+F5
    • Firefox - Control+Shift+R
  3. Exit chat (if you're on it) and go to any wikia page and click on a chat link (any link) on the wikia (refresh wont work on the chat)

Now you're supposed to have chat hacks!

Hack Features

  1. If you write /afk or press the Afk button you have you'll be shown as away untill you do this again or write something.
  2. If you write /clear or press the clear button the window will be cleared of any activity only for you.
  3. If you write /nc then it will write a link to a wiki page about Nobody cares.
  4. If you write /coppa you'll display a message:http://coppa.org - You must be 13 or older to legally have an account on Wikia.
  5. /kb (user name) will kickban a user even if he's not on chat (only for chat moderators)
  6. /mod (username) will turn a user into a mod even if he isn't on chat (only for admins)
  7. /block (username) will block a user from PCing you.
  8. /unblock (username) will unblock a user from PCing you
  9. /id will give you the id of the chat you're in (I have no idea what the id means but whatever)
  10. /self (message) will write a message that only you can read.
  11. On the upper left corner there is a list of phrases that if someone writes will make a PING noise on your computer for instance your name and nickname.
  12. You can Multi PC if you press the PC button and write the names of the users to multi PC with commas between them and no spaces.
  13. /help will give you a list of all comands.
  14. /help (command name will give you more information about a command
  15. /me (doing something) describe what you are doing/is etc. For example if you write /me is AWESOME it will show *(your name here) is awesome


If you want other stuff besides the Chat hacks check out this blog: http://community.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Monchoman45/Improving_your_interface_with_CSS/JS

Finally if you have any problems ask here. (Or if it's a small problem you can ask me)

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