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  • AwesomeIsMyName


    July 30, 2013 by AwesomeIsMyName

    Yo if you haven't heard I got back a week ago and stuff so if you wanna get some cool animations in pivot by me or ren then come over to this page and order up, Over Here

    Please don't comment, USE THE REQUEST BUTTON. kthnx for reading bye.

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  • AwesomeIsMyName

    a few weeks ago I went inactive, being on chat once in a while and putting my stuff on hitaus but I'm now officially retiring ownership of the forever knights franchise... and giving it to Sci.

    Sci may do as he pleases with it, he may make the knights movie or/and create the second generation but he can also just forget about it. But it's official, Sci is the new forever king *hands over crown*.


    1. I am no longer leader of the knight council, and although member I am not its ruller
    2. I am no longer the franchise's head writer so if someone wants to make a series I can no longer authorize it and such
    3. I am retiring from writing on the franchise completely since my mind has gone blank (though I may write other series on the wiki)

    If Sci does…

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  • AwesomeIsMyName

    As the senior users of the wiki know Ben 10: Stupidity Force was BTFF's greatest comedy series for a while, but it has been on a hitaus for almost a year since Omi has gone inactive.

    Since he hadn't touched wiki since july we'll assume he isn't coming back (please lets not get into the subject of why he left... just makes people sadder D:).

    I want BTSF to return so.... I want the co-writers to continue it . Since the hitaus started in the middle of 50TH_BTSF_EPISODE_CLIP_SPECTACULAR_THINGY! my idea is to continue it with Omi dying in some way in the show and stuff (sorry if it sounds offensive)

    I have a plan how to continue the special and after that all the co-writers will make episodes and stuff, but untill then I want to hear the confirmat…

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  • AwesomeIsMyName

    Now that I have your attention with that page name, I want to tell you something, unless you're nick or any other anti-knight guy so please.... no anti-knighting,

    Just wanted to make an announcment to the knight comunity (yes there are some people who like my series and please don't troll me about how it's not true) about the Forever Knights Franchise, gen 1 - Legends of the Diagon movie finale: "Knights".

    As most of the knight fans know (just don't... please) the movie was supposed to air on my 1 year wiki anniversery - December 28th but was post-poned. Well.... I'm working on it and redoing it. Sorry for all the trouble and it's gonna be released on February 1st.

    HAVE A GREAY DAY (except for you Nick, have an average day)

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  • AwesomeIsMyName

    or 'tis the time to get married.

    I've had this idea of making a movie called "Princess Looma Returns". It's a movie about 3 years after  BTO. Princess Looma rerturns to Earth and there is going to be a war between Humans and tetremands unless Ben will agree to marry Looma.

    I'm making this blog just to see how people would react to the idea. I usally don't make stuff but since I have free time I plan to be making a movie.

    So, is this a good idea? Discuss.

    Update:the page for the movie has been made and can be found here: The Return of Princess Looma and all disscussions of movie are to be done here: Thread:137846

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