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I have been (unsuccessfully) building a free Ben10 role-playing game using Ben10 canon, references to episodes, the comics and the movies to demonstrate special abilities or to illustrate certain rules/points-of-view. This is where I came up with the name of this page: the "Official Unofficial Ben10 RPG".

I created a simple and effective stat system, but it's still rudimentary. I want to include mutant and alien-mixed breed humans, as well as the possibility of regular humans using alien technology and The Plumbers. I also want to include canon locations, vehicle battles (spacecraft, planetside vehicles, etc.) and canon aliens and enemies from all of the Ben10 series.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. Everyone who offers any advice (from admins to regular forum dwellers) will be reviewed and used. I will also be working with a few people (on my end) for some clarity and commentary.

Once I have a playable version, anyone willing to try it will get an invite to download the file (as a protected .PDF). Any feedback at this point will also be reviewed and formally noted. I'm looking for spelling errors (US English), any phrases or statements that seem hard to follow or are incomprehensible (needing special clarification) and any rules interpretations that seem to be too unforgiving to the players or too unbalanced or overpowered for the players.

I am working out whether to use a Points System to create your characters or to Dice-the-Stats (randomly rolling dice to determine stats). This is your first assignment: Let me know which you prefer and why. Give me any detailed description and the other game systems you've played that have that same kind of system. Knowing what you like is the first step!

I will let this vote run for a couple of weeks, ending November 27th, 2011. Come Monday, November 28th, 2011, I will either have a vote for ONE or a TIED VOTE, where I'll include rules for both! (Please Note: I am extending this to December 4th...)

Please let me know!


P.S. I would like to see in your replies, this type of layout, if possible...

  • 1) Role-Playing Game(s) you've played.
  • 2) The type of character creation system it had.
  • 3) Why you liked this character creation system and/or game system.

I am looking for more traditional paper and pen RPG systems, but if you've got a videogame RPG in mind, then let me know about that too, as above. Thanks! ^_^

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