I reveal Season 3 Sem 2.10 episodes.

  • Generator Xion - Xion gets nanites and goes crazy.
  • Into the Inferno - The team learns about a new galactic war going on, and must take a journey into space to save it.
  • Moulin Rouge! - Musical filler.
  • The Best Friend - Sem has a hard time telling his best friend that he's going to outer space.
  • Reflected - While in space, the team gets ambushed by Alshedo.
  • Foremin Must Die - A group of old bad guys ambush the ship for revenge.
  • Good Fool, Bad Fool - Xion vs. Sem... IN A GAME OF CARDS.
  • Goldseeker - The ship has to fly through Holestia, a gigantic planet full of holes, miners and gold.
  • Bossanova - She ship is taken over by space pirates.
  • 24/7 - Sem stays up late.
  • A Way Big Return - Sentient Way Big returns.
  • This Won't Be Forever - Danic must be taken into custody.
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