Hi there, I would like to introduce you to the idea of my next series; Omni-World.

Omni-World takes place in the Ambura system, a whole galaxy created by the Galvans where Ultimatrix and Omnitrix aliens live when not used. The series follows Ditto and Eye Guy, who live in the Right Zone. The difference between the Right and Left Zone is the fact that in the a Right Zone is also called the Zone of the Left Alone, where almost not used aliens live such as Benvicktor and Upchuck, and the Zone of the Busy, wich are used alot, like Humungousaur and Cannonbolt. The rule to stay in one another is that you have to not be used for atleast 10 episodes (In the series, 100 hours.). When somebody is supposed to be used, his Omnitrix beeps. He can accept it, or refuse it, and then the signal will be given to someone else, ending up in an accidental transformation. The villain of the series will be the Eon sample. Also, there is a third Zone; the Female Zone. When Gwen got the Omnitrix in Gwen 10, female counterparts for aliens where created. These are the love interests for the series.

So, sounds good?

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