Heyo, users! Everbody probably knows that Halloween is coming soon, and it's time to get into spirit!

Now I'm not really an artist, but maybe you are! So I'm throwing a contest, to see who make make the best Halloween decoration!

First off, there are three categories:

Who can make the best background?

From an Omnitrix with a spider web in it to a fully decorated background, if you think you can handle it, be sure to post your background design in the comments!

Who can make the best logo?

Maybe make it orange, put a pumpkin in it, I dunno, design the best logo you can!

Who can make the best Halloween special?

Well that doesn't fit in, does it? The best halloween special will be highlighted on the front page!

Also, you can only enter for one category.

Have fun designing, and happy Halloween!


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