So we just found out there have been actual books released about our wiki, containing pages. So most of you aren't happy with it, but I want to flesh out somethings:

  1. We agreed on this. When we make, what we make, we agreed on the fact our stories are copyright Wikimedia. They own our things, so can do everything with it they want. Give it a tv show, a webcomic, or in this case, it's own book release.
  2. This is everyone's dream. Admit it. Like you never made something and thought, "It would be awesome if more people knew my stuff." And you got your wish! Sure, the books are messy, the covers make no sence, but it's still a book made by freakin' Wikimedia containing our stuff that we once written on a keyboard, now on paper.
  3. Wikimedia didn't pre-read anything. They asume we take our things seriously and don't do things like fanlist. People like us are more family-like than other standard wikis, to the point we have specials with us in it containing nothing about Ben 10. At all.
  4. Finally, now that we know Wikimedia publishes books, we can make things happen. For example, I actually requested Sannse about book publishing and how they can help me with one of my secret projects: The Omni-World Junior Novel. That's right folks. I would talk about it, but that's off-topic.

So I hope this helps.

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