Hi guys! Seeing christmas is almost upon us, I have decided to get back on track with the CCC2. So, I have figured out how we while write it! It will go like this:

Let's say there is a KrisTen part. That means the most logical thing to do, is to have Binkatong write it, correct? So, I put down this:

Binkatong #1

The #1 means it's the first part Binkatong wrote. Now, to keep it sure everybody won't stretch out the plot, I will put down small summaries for the user to write in bigger detail. Let's just say:

Kristen becomes angry and fights the Bronch.

And then Binkatong's edit would be:

(The Bronch): Pink-haired powerpuff. Whatcha gonna do, throw your purse at me?

Although most he said was like complete gibberish to Kristen, she became furious at him. So furious, she slowly formed into Dividend.

Like that! Also, please, PLEASE don't stretch out the plot. Just what the summary says. If it says, this fights that guy, don't do something like but suddenly, he pushed a button and a rocket came out and it was aiming for Pluto or something like that. Just summary.

So, example:

Omernoy #3

Simien fights Zyrokks.


(Simien): Chainsaw!

(Zyrokks): You think that foolish creature can defeat me? MUHAHA-OW!

As he was laughing, Simien whipped him of his feet, making him fall on the ground.

Binkatong #4

Kristen comes to the rescue.


Then, Kristen (As Pixystuck) came along and started shooting pixydust at Zyrokks, who started sneezing, until he sneezed himself off the cliff.

Omernoy #4

(Zyrokks): DARNIITTTTTTtttt......

(Simien): Nice job, pinky!

Binkatong #5

(Kristen): Mun-key! Plushy cute!

Omernoy #5

(Simien): Yeah... sure.

Get it? Great!

Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, I hurt people. 20:04, October 21, 2011 (UTC)

P.S. I know how some of you are used to different styles of writing, we will do it in the average BTMT/Sem 2.10/Omni-World/etc. style.

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