Ancy Ancy 25 November 2012

Alien Emoticons

Hey guys. Ancy here.?

For all of you artists out there, I'm challenging you to make the best alien emotes you can!

It's simple. You post a link to your CANON alien emoticon, and I'll add it.?

For example, if you submit a 19x19 Big Chill emoticon, I'll add it, and you can post it in chat by saying (bigchill) or (big chill) or (bc).



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Ancy Ancy 21 November 2012

Noah-Sem: LIVE

Ohi it's Ancy and-HOLY CRAP *hides from Slenderman*

...Anyways, me and Solo are gonna host this super kewl event on the Party wiki.

So the thing is that it's gonna be like a normal party, but SEM AND NOAH WILL BE THERE.

It's more of an interactive crossover.

It's gonna be this SATURDAY. November 24th, 2012.

Also, DON'T WORRY. We discussed the whole thing with Sklei, and the use of a different account, "sockpuppeting", is not a problem. It's all in good fun.


  • Noah Segurason
  • Sem Foremin
  • Blukic
  • Driba


  • Forgenza

P.S. Solo plays Noah and I play Sem. We'll also be using special accounts, but we discussed that with Sklei as well, so don't worry.

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Ancy Ancy 22 October 2012

BTKR: The Plutonian Revolt, Part 1 (SNEAK PEEK)

Hey guys! You might have heard of my new series, that I make alongside Solo, Ben 10,000 Rises. It's pretty awesome, you should check it out. Anyways, here is a sneak peek for the first part of the season finale!

Ships were flying everywhere. They were firing lasers at the people running from them, and smashing through buildings. Kevin jumped onto a ship and absorbed its metal. He smashed through the window, grabbed the Plutonian inside of it and threw out out. The ship started falling, but Kevin jumped off of it before it hit the ground and exploded. Kevin ran to Gwen, who was fighting another Plutonian. She fired a bolt of mana, but the Plutonian dodged it and shot a laser at Kevin. He blocked it with his arms, but the laser destroyed the …

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Ancy Ancy 20 October 2012

Users & Spacecrafts


Ancy here, making the billionth user-based series!

Users & Spacecrafts is a series about users that build custom spacecrafts to travel into space and find a hidden planet full of treasures.

Be sure to leave your character's

  • Name
  • Species
  • Personality
  • Type of ship (Plumber ship, pod racer, space car, etc. Anything you can image!)
  • Any other details you would like to have

  • Solo the Galvanic Mechamorph, a random guy that likes tacos. His spacecraft is a pod racer with a muffin dispenser.
  • Ancy the Gourmand - Lazy, loves action. His spacecraft is an altered garbage truck.
  • Chris the Human - A cool cat. Chris rides a space train.
  • Paper the Appoplexian - Short tempered. His spacecraft is a stolen decked out Plumber ship.
  • Rex the Polymorph - Never serious…

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Ancy Ancy 16 October 2012

Dressing Up the Wiki for Halloween!

Heyo, users! Everbody probably knows that Halloween is coming soon, and it's time to get into spirit!

Now I'm not really an artist, but maybe you are! So I'm throwing a contest, to see who make make the best Halloween decoration!

First off, there are three categories:

From an Omnitrix with a spider web in it to a fully decorated background, if you think you can handle it, be sure to post your background design in the comments!

Maybe make it orange, put a pumpkin in it, I dunno, design the best logo you can!

Well that doesn't fit in, does it? The best halloween special will be highlighted on the front page!

Also, you can only enter for one category.

Have fun designing, and happy Halloween!


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