Here is where you can request fusions and they'll also be posted here. Credits to creator(s) of all bases used. Please give credits when used.

Request Rules

  • No fusions with Squidstrictor or Rocks. I do not have bases of these.
  • Only request aliens who have a good PNG/unpixeled picture to use. JPG does not work. At all.
  • Fanon aliens and canon aliens are accepted.
  • Please try to refrain from asking a certain way to fuse them. I work better with them by fusing them how I see fit. However, this is not limited to how they are colored. You can request certain color schemes, just not what to add from what alien to some place on the other.
  • Only a few requests at a time please.
  • Requests are not limited to two aliens fused together, they can have more than two. However, this causes difficulty in design and naming. It is still accepted.
  • No requesting fusions which have been in Omniverse.


This does not include telling me how you visualize it, as that would go against one of the rules.

Color Scheme

Red trix and blue clothes? Alright. White trix and gold clothes? Sure. This is what is meant by color scheme. You can request this along with the fusion itself.


This isn't meant to say you tell me where you want the Omnitrix, even though you can do that. This is if you want me to make a fusion in which there is a symbol where each of the alien's Omnitrix is placed. For example, you want a remake of Stink Arms with this feature? There's an Omnitrix on his head and belt. Diamond Matter? Back and belt. Heat Jaws? Belt and chest. And so on.


If one or more of the aliens in your request have a teen and young design, you can decide if you want the design used to be one of the two.


You can decide if you want it to be in a day or night coloration. Also, you can decide other lighting situations if one of the aliens in your request was in that lighting.

Finished Requests

IRL Drawings of Fusions

Other Fusions By Me :P

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