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  • Alanomaly

    Topics that may be discussed in Ben 10 Theory can sometimes lead up to other plot holes within the Ben 10 franchise. Like the Top 10 Interesting Ben 10 Facts series I did a while back, this will not be in any set order as in smallest to biggest plot holes, but just a list of 10 plot holes that the franchise itself has. You might see some things on this list that you yourself have noticed and tried to wrap your head around as you watched the franchise. And, in fact, some of these will actually end up in Ben 10 Theory. These are the Top 10 Ben 10 Plot Holes.

    I loathe Feedback. His creation caused such a lack of Chromastone, my favorite Alien Force alien. Had the writers done it correctly, half of the overrated Conductoid's appearances would've been us…

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  • Alanomaly

    Inspired by the title cards I recently made as well as the art service blogs, I'm gonna start this thing up. Hopefully won't end abruptly like the fusion service I made a while back.

    Examples of title cards can be found here.

    Here's how to request them:

    • List a background
    • List a picture to be in the background (must have a transparent background)
    • List a picture to be in the foreground (must have a transparent background)
    • List the name you want the title card to say (i.e. Alanomaly, Migster7, etc.)

    Of course, whatever you request must comply to the rules of BTFF.

    If you intend on using these anywhere else, you must give credit to me.

    Request away.

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  • Alanomaly

    May as well. Getting a bit more difficult, having to start looking up some cause my already known ones are running out. ;-;

    Heatblast, Upgrade, and Blitzwolfer come from celestial bodies that are not planets. Rather, Upgrade and Blitzwolfer come from moons, while Heatblast comes from a sun. Interestingly, while Gravattack is a planet himself, he also has a planet, Keplorr.

    Wildmutt has been confirmed to be able to shoot quills from his body, but this ability is still to this day yet to be shown. AmpFibian can read minds due to them just being electrical pulses as confirmed by Ra'ad, but Ben does not know how to do this yet. Special thanks to Sif who reminded me in the comments that Ultimate Cannonbolt has been confirmed to shoot spikes but t…

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  • Alanomaly

    Here's the third set of 10 Interesting Ben 10 Facts.

    Many fans, including myself, confused Ripjaws for a Null Guardian in the UA Theme song.

    DJW said a few ratings on how much an alien's design changed back during the first days of OV. Chromastone was rated as a 1/10, Swampfire a 2/10, Brainstorm a 5/10, Eatle a 7/10, and Shocksquatch a 10/10. He also mentioned that Fasttrack would have had a 11/10 redesign if he had appeared.

    Chromastone and Swampfire got redesigned after both the beginning of Omniverse and after appearing in it. However, not only are they both redesigned, their redesigns have very noticeable parallels:

    • Fore Arms: Chromastone has two spikes on each fore arm, while Swampfire has two bulbs on each.
    • Fingers: Chromastone's fingers…

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  • Alanomaly

    Welp here's what was asked for by you guys on the last one so we're going with this now.

    Nosedeenians are often times called Megawatts, Ickthyperambuloids are called Walkatrouts, and Lenopans called Sludgepuppies. Interestingy only one Lenopan seems insulted by their nickname, Walkatrout is named after his nickname, and Nosedeenians were confirmed in their first reappearance. Personally, I refuse Lenopan and say Deefus just made that up along with Slapstrike and Unitar but that's just me :P

    Technically, Ken is not Ben's first child but he is Ben's first human child and first one made with someone else. Ben actually has several Necrofriggian children somewhere out there in the galaxy, but this has not been acknowledged by anyone since Save th…

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