UltiVerse Civil War Non-Final Version As most of you know, UltiVerse: Civil War is the upcoming movie special dedicated to none other than Ulti, our beloved Peacekeeper Admin for his 2015 Birthday. Check the thread for more.

The staff has already grown to include Yours Truly, Sci as Director/Soundtrack, with the special help of Toon as Idea Provider.


Set in a futuristic simulation of BTFF, a user movie, will include the users in a climatic battle against each other, Team Sub Vs. Team Sci, each yearning for professional bureaucracy and democracy respectively, for the fate of the wiki, while a looming third party intends to use the chance to destroy BTFF once and for all. Amidst the chaos, comes out our hero, Ulti, with the desire to save his home and family.

So yes, in a sense, this is based off Captain America's Civil War later in 2017.


However for production to enter its later phases, we are needed the users to sign up for the user movie and join one of the two sides:

280px-4247195.png 280px-4050367.png
Team Sub Team Sci

Preferring the current Adminship system of Bureaucracy, where the select experienced users are set to govern and keep order among the wiki.

Preferring the brand new Adminship system of Democracy, where the community votes for the Admins they wish to yield to.

And now, fill out the form...

  • Side: Sci or Sub (Not Ulti)
  • Powers and Abilties: 
  • Weaknesses:
  • Personality:
  • Preferred Appearance: (alien forms are accepted)

Thanks guys, and happy birthday to Ulti!

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