So, yes, I know, I have a lot of series, but I've decided that, since I can't stay on one series, I've decided to remain on one dimension (Dimension 40: 40: The Last Splixson, and Epic Nova), and here I am, adding yet another movie to my endless list of planned projects.

The Omni-Strikers are a special Plumber Squadron, led by Magister Thank.

So, this is indeed a user-series, and yes, you all can register, using the following form:

  • Name:
  • Weapon: 
  • Signature Color: 
  • Alien Theme:
    • Alien Forms:
  • Gender:
  • Human Form's Appearance:

Alright, let me explain here what to insert in each of the above field: Of course, when creating a character, you must pick a name and a gender. But the special thing here is, the Omni-Weapons.

The Omni-Weapons are primarly any regular melee weapon, that allow their wielder to turn into three aliens within its alien theme. Further explaining, it could be chains, swords, a gun, or whatever, and they will be wielded in all forms. In order to pick yours, you'll have to select the color scheme, and alien theme.

The alien theme could be anything, (e.g. Fire, Lightning, Water... etc.), and thus, the three aliens will have powers related to that alien theme. For example, if you pick Water, the three aliens (yes, you can only have three aliens) can be Rip Jaws, Water Hazard and AmpFibian.

To be noted, you can have fanon aliens in your three aliens, but you must have at least one canon alien, and they all must be related to the alien theme. Additionally, the must be able to wield whatever weapon you chose.

And yes, all the Omni-Strikers are Humans, but they wield Omni-Weapons. Additionally, they all wear the Omni-Striker's official suit, so, you only choose the facial appearance, build, and height, and if you wish, weight. Also, when you pick the Signature Color, your suit will have that color.

Here is an example, about my Character, Magister Thank:

  • Name: Thank 
  • Weapon: Twin Dual Swords
  • Signature Color: Red 
  • Alien Theme: Fire
  • Gender: Male
  • Human Form's Appearance: Slightly fat, dirty blond hair, grey eyes, and light skin. (Sorry I won't be able to say height or weight, here in my country, we measure our heights and weights in meters and kilograms, as opposed to feet and pounds. So sorry.)

The Omni-Strikers are ready to recruit seven more users, but it might become less or more depending on the requests.

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