I got an IDEA! Ben 10 Alien Parodies! I've got enough ideas until now! It is made up of Movies, not Episodes!

  • Ben 10 Alien Parodies: The Ultimate Hulk
    • Parodying Incredible Hulk, but Hulk is a Green Tetramand instead of Monster.
  • Ben 10 Alien Parodies: Barney And Aliens
    • Parodying Barney and Friends, but Barney is an EVIL Vaxasaurian. So, Major Twist.
  • Ben 10 Alien Parodies: Spidermonkey 3
    • Parodying Spiderman 3, but Meter Marker is an Arachnachimp/Human Hybrid. He is experiencing problems with a Polymorph (Parodying Sand Man) and an Ectonurite/Galvanic Mechamorph Hybrid (parodying The wierd Substance).
  • Ben 10 Alien Parodies: Man of Action's The Aliens
    • Parodying Marvel's The Avengers, something happens.
  • Ben 10 Alien Parodies: Thor
    • ​Parodying Thor, but Thor is an Amperi with no Phyical Appearance.
  • Ben 10 Alien Parodies: Ultimate Four
    • Parodying Fantastic Four, When they travel in space, they gain Alien DNA, Reed gaining Flaurana Powers, Susan gaining Anodite Powers, Johny gaining Pyronite Powers, and Ben gaining Vaxasaurian Powers. They face Victor Doom, Darkstar Species.

Yeah, but, I need MORE Ideas and co-writers. So, HELP! Sign up for Co-writing in Comments! You can also Comment for suggestions, but please don't comment to just post your opininion. :/ PLEASE, I NEED CO-Writers!

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