So, after my name has been cleared, I decided I can finally go back to focus on studying for the incoming exams.

And while I've been semi-active recently due to several tests announced only a day before, I have been coming here at night from time to time, reading whichever episodes are released from the show I am currently reading (John Smith 10: Omniverse, Ryder 10, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero, Ben 10: Galactic Legends, Jane Smith 10... etc).

But now, that WILL change, as I will go inactive for a duration of two weeks.

Now, you ask, what makes this exams study break any different than the previous times?

  1. This time, its an extremely important series of exams (referred to by our school as Fourth Trial) that will directly influence our results in the official exams way into June, and thus, affect our whole future by influencing a test that marks the transition into "high school" (there is a bit of confusion here to be presented by our different educational system, so I beg your pardon in case I couldn't explain correctly.
  2. I had been suffering several problems beforehand, mainly related to "grades slipping". While I had been always an A student, I began taking an alarming amount of D's. This has pushed my ranking in the school leaderboard to #3 rather than #1.

So, now, I will stop coming around to BTFF for the next two weeks (potentially, depending on when the exams are over), which means, no coming on chat frequently, no reading message wall threads, and, not even coming by to read the shows I normally read, just studying.

My access to the Laptop will entirely deminish, making any coming to BTFF impossible, however unlike my mobile. (while to Facebook its possible due to the facebook app, and to point out, coming to BTFF through mobile browser leads to a featureless, extremely limited and plain "mobile version")

I won't be able to come by to read the comments around here, and as a final act of joking before I leave, "stay desciplined, kids!"

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