Hey everyone! For the anniversary, I'm gonna make an epic movie rebooting the original Ben 10 Fan Fiction: Revenge of the Fanfics, rebooted and repaired. And no, Paper is not the villain.

This time, the first of its kind is gonna be more vituated, with specific abilities for each of the user rights group. Even rollbacks get markable prowess.

And of course, the villain will be revealed when the time is right. Below is a trailer.

Logo, Part 1

Logo, Part 2Logo, Part 3

A few users are in a technological area.

Nano623: Hello, sir, need a milkshake?

This fall..

Echoson stands in a dark room, in front of other users.

Echoson: BTFF is our home. We can't stay down watching it fall.

Get ready...

UltiVerse: I don't know why he is doing this! I thought he was our friend!

For an adventure in a world beyond our screens...

SubZero309 stares at a huge planet with green technological lines.

SubZero309: Planet Chaturn. Our fallen home and currently the most dangerous spot in the Wikiaverse.

Where there are people with special abilities...

Brianultimatedragon leaps off a ledge, and thrusts his fist forward, a powerful green fire-like blast flying out from it, growing in size to outgrow him and consume the entire tree.

Charbel2001 is leaning down, exhausted and panting, with Lsvel, Nano623 and Ahmad15 behind him.

Lsvel: Dude, you're a rollback!

Charbel2001: I know...

...and unique skills like you've never seen before...

Paperluigi ttyd has a determined look on his face as he lays on the ground. His hands glow as binary codings fly towards his leg and reshape it.

Roads: That's about to change.

...fighting to defend their home....

Lego Master pushes TheThreeEds21 down, touching his forehead and chest. Lego Master's eyes glow, and TheThreeEds21's body glows.

Lego Master has made TheThreeEds21 a chatmod on this wiki! ~

TheThreeEds21: Awesome!

Ren X Jr. King spins around, and shoots a quick green energy blast. He pulls out a green energy whip and swings it around.

...from a former ally!

Roads and another grey-cloaked user leap at each other, enveloped in red energy. Their fists collide, resulting in an explosion.

Ahmad15: Sometimes, sacrifices are to be made.

Almighty Tallest Shades leaps back, dodging a huge fire blast. 

Coming soon, only on BTFF!

Brandon 10 is dancing, with Paperluigi ttyd, TheThreeEds21, Sci100, and Ahmad15 behind him looking grim.

Brandon 10, singing: Oh yeah, Poet and I know it!


What do you guys think? (also, please tell me in the comments if you want to be included and you weren't the in the trailer. Also, keep in mind that there are more people included than what appears in the trailer.

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