Hey! Ahmad here! I'm glad to announce Season 2 of BATO ! It's gonna have alot of new stuff! Plus, a new co-writer! And a brand new length! Usually, we had only 9 episodes in a season, but this time, Get ready for 15 EPISODES! The fun is near, stay tuned!


The world is in danger... Villians are showing... Who will save us?

Blank: Welcome to the world of evil... Now, I'm the hero here!

To all Blank and the Omnigizer Fans...

Vibrancy sonic screamed.

New Aliens!

Can'tGaroo jumped to the top of the ship. 

New Characters!

Being: I am the Time Lordess.

New Villians! 

Eon: I am Eon, the ruler the of the Universe!

Brand New Episodes of Blank and the Omnigizer.... Season 2! 

Ben: It's Hero Time! 

Blank, Ben, Kevin, Gwen, Xavier, and a Methanosian ran at an army of Robots ahead.


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