Well, I was using my Laptop as usual and had a flash of brilliance. I decided that maybe I could write Arabic Versions of Ahmad 15 Episodes, translating the plots, alien names (I got so much ideas about the topic), and quotes into Arabic and posting them here. This will not go in vain, seeing how the number of Arabs around here is increasing rapidly. Which I noticed from the number of people noticing T.G.I.S. which as I think, only aired in the Arab World, and the pictures ALL have Arabic CN's logo. The reasons I posted this blog BEFORE I start it, is many:

First Things First

This idea requires permission from the Admins to write Arabic Text on this wiki. These Texts will not be on pages alone, just being in barely a section of an english page IN Collapsible text.

Second Things Second

I want to know which episode should I start by translating, based on the voting of people:

Which normal-lengthed episode should I translate first?

The poll was created at 23:29 on July 22, 2013, and so far 7 people voted.

Example of my idea

The Episode page will be just like any other episode page, just there is a section that is different. Example:

English Plot

Ahmad: Time to bring on the burn!

Ahmad transforms into Heatblast.

Heatblast: HEATBLAST!

Heatblast smacks his Ultimatrix dial, evolving his current form. 

Heatblast: Ultimate Heatblast!

Arabic Plot


أحمد: حان وقت "تسخين" الأجواء قليلا!                                                                                                                   1

يضغط أحمد على ألألتمايتركس, ويتحول إلى....                                                                                                          2

أحمد: شعاع الحرارة!                                                                                                                                       3

يضغط شعاع الحرارة على رمز الألتماتركرس الموجود على صدره, مطورّاً شكله الحالي.                                                               4

شعاع الحرارة: شعاع الحرارة الخارق!                                                                                                                     5

So, what do you think?

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