So, Charbel and I were planning this reboot to the awesome series Fred 40 for quite sometime! 40: The Last Splixson is finally out! This series will have elements from the old show, but much more epic elements out of the writers' minds, whilst fixing the old series's flaws and mistakes. The main gang was changed, but Fred, Willie, and Metarid are still there. The main villains are pretty much the same, but alot of the other villains have changed. All the old aliens are removed, with the exception of Frost Dragon and Mountain Dust, and they are replaced by a new 40!

Writers' Comemnts

From my first days on this wiki, Fred 40 was my favorite series. And the greatest opportunity I had was to be able to co-write its sequel, Fred 40: The Dawn of a New Hero. And as time passed, I noticed a few flaws in the series that were quite disturbing. I don't remember who's Idea it was to reboot that show, but I remember we were using my wiki to secretly plan the series. The pilot was rewritten three times by us to ensure it is of quality and to ensure you potential fans get hooked.

Ahmad, the co-writer of the series

So, that's about it, I don't want to reveal too much, but I'd advise you to see the series's page, 40: The Last Splixson for more information and spoilers! It's a Brand New Novaverse! lol.

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