Ahmad15 Ahmad15 21 January 2016

Stepping Down

Hey guys, Ahmad here. Lately, my normally A+ grades have taken a drastic nosedive, from getting a full mark on biology all the way to a bare C-. This isnt good. Due to needing to focus on studying, which is becoming harder as my high school curriculum advances, and my intellectual levels decreases, I have come to the decision of stepping down from my Admin position, demoting myself to leave the wiki an opportunity to have a more productive member as an Admin.

It took me quite a while to finalise this decision, but this is what I have decided to do. You guys would do much better without me. Really, this decision has been long overdue, I've been convincing myself to stay and taking second chances to prove myself as a useful Admin, but, lets be…

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Ahmad15 Ahmad15 8 December 2015

UltiVerse: Civil War

As most of you know, UltiVerse: Civil War is the upcoming movie special dedicated to none other than Ulti, our beloved Peacekeeper Admin for his 2015 Birthday. Check the thread for more.

The staff has already grown to include Yours Truly, Sci as Director/Soundtrack, with the special help of Toon as Idea Provider.

Set in a futuristic simulation of BTFF, a user movie, will include the users in a climatic battle against each other, Team Sub Vs. Team Sci, each yearning for professional bureaucracy and democracy respectively, for the fate of the wiki, while a looming third party intends to use the chance to destroy BTFF once and for all. Amidst the chaos, comes out our hero, Ulti, with the desire to save his home and family.

So yes, in a sense, this…

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Ahmad15 Ahmad15 13 March 2015

Exams Break

So, after my name has been cleared, I decided I can finally go back to focus on studying for the incoming exams.

And while I've been semi-active recently due to several tests announced only a day before, I have been coming here at night from time to time, reading whichever episodes are released from the show I am currently reading (John Smith 10: Omniverse, Ryder 10, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero, Ben 10: Galactic Legends, Jane Smith 10... etc).

But now, that WILL change, as I will go inactive for a duration of two weeks.

Now, you ask, what makes this exams study break any different than the previous times?

  1. This time, its an extremely important series of exams (referred to by our school as Fourth Trial) that will directly influence our results in …
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Ahmad15 Ahmad15 7 September 2014


Okay, so as of 22nd of September, my schedule here will change. Due to being busy or not.

And since I gained Chatmod rights, I can't do like last year and go inactive to concentrate on school. I will not be chat inactive.

Soon, I will be able to come on from ABOUT 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM, approximately on the first shift, then 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM approximately on the second shift. The third shift will be from 6:00 PM to something like 8:00 PM. These are all approximate, and I will be on during these peroids (all are in GMT Time (+0:00)) and maybe at others.

Next up, my shows are all on hiatus till further notice.

For the past years, I've been an incredibly loser nerd at school. I'm going to change that, by changing my whole life style like waking hours,…

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Ahmad15 Ahmad15 28 August 2014

Ben 10 Fan Fiction: The Dark Bringer of Doom

Hey everyone! For the anniversary, I'm gonna make an epic movie rebooting the original Ben 10 Fan Fiction: Revenge of the Fanfics, rebooted and repaired. And no, Paper is not the villain.

This time, the first of its kind is gonna be more vituated, with specific abilities for each of the user rights group. Even rollbacks get markable prowess.

And of course, the villain will be revealed when the time is right. Below is a trailer.

A few users are in a technological area.

Nano623: Hello, sir, need a milkshake?

This fall..

Echoson stands in a dark room, in front of other users.

Echoson: BTFF is our home. We can't stay down watching it fall.

Get ready...

UltiVerse: I don't know why he is doing this! I thought he was our friend!

For an adventure in a world be…

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