Hello everyone. It's AdamGregory03 here, with an announcement to make. And this may shock some, because I know that my current work here on Ben 10 Fanon has been well recieved (for the most part). My announcement is...

I am abandoning all past series I have developed alone.

That's right. Clate 8, Ultimate Force, The Next Files, even Star Command Files. The reason being that I was going from series to series and not really focusing on anything, and I wish to start a new series that takes place during the exact same timeline as Omniverse, called...

Ben 10: The Omniverse Files!

The series follows Ben and Rook, just like in Omniverse. However, the series will contain many characters from other franchises mixed in. For example, a villain from MARVEL or DC comics may appear in the series, and alien species from other franchises may become one of Ben's new alien forms.

So I'm sorry to all who enjoyed my previous work, but I assure you, The Omniverse Files will be better than any of my previous work combined. At least I'm hoping so. And since it's all abandoned, feel free to do what you wish with it.

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