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Host's Opening Speech

This Fanon Con has been spectacular and not just because I won three out of the four contests, just as I was hoping for what with the title being 'Ultimate'. What an absolutely fantastic way to cap off this wiki's ten year anniversary!

For those of you who haven't already, I highly recommend checking out the Alien Contest and the Writing Contest. I think the best submissions to this Fanon Con are found in those two contests, and I'd like to extend my personal congratulations to everyone who submitted!

So now as we approach the end of this year, let's look at what the members of our community are creating moving forwards!

--Admin Team, the host of Ultimate Fanon Con 2019!


Hannah's Entry

Hi! I'm Hannah~ and welcome to my first ever Fanon Con!


I currently am planning two main series, Transformative (which I am co-writing with Jose) and Serena & Sasha's Solar System. I'll talk about each of them seperately~


Transformative is a series split into three sections itself; Then, Now and Somewhere in America, all covering different periods of time and different characters.

Ross Ario is the main character of the Then portion. He suffers from Albinism and thus has white hair, white skin, and violet eyes. This condition causes him to be bullied at school and his only friend is his cousin, who lives miles away and only talks through Skype. He's spliced with Vladat DNA, which somewhat worsens his condition.

Miles Legacy is one of the supporting characters of the Then portion. Bombastic and unapologetically hardcore, Miles is always the coolest person in the room. Or so he thinks, it comes across more as overcompensating for something (and maybe it is). He's spliced with Merlinisapien DNA, turning his skin purple, porous and affecting his eyesight.


Luna Euweu is another supporting character of the Then portion, and is already accustomed to alien business due to her mother working as a Plumber. She has a positive outlook on life due to never being really challenged, but has problems forming meaningful connections with people. She's spliced with Loboan DNA which makes her resemble a wolfgirl and allows her to unhinge her jaw to release sonic screams.

Placeholder person.png

Asimov Mazemaz is the final supporting character of the Then portion, and is stuck permanently in a hazmat suit due to his intense levels of radiation. Spliced with Atomix's Species' DNA, his experiences before being found are traumatic and have caused him to revert to semi-muteness. His suit can be removed through taydenite but doing so would be incredibly dangerous.

Robyn 2015.png

Robyn Rowell is Ross's cousin and his only friend. Living away from him, xe communicates through Skype and seems to be a guru of good advice, causing Ross to look up to hir. Xe has encountered aliens before and is an expert to the degree of a Plumber for unknown reasons.

Placeholder person.png

Ben Tennyson is a seasoned Plumber and the main character of the Now portion. 20 years old, he wields a newly-designed Omnitrix known as the Biomnitrix which allows him to tap into fusions as well as regular aliens. He works as captain of the Earth branch, and is as cocky as ever, treating himself as unstoppable.

Bill 2015.png

Bill Markam is nearly as bombastic as Miles, although he acts more like an anime protagonist. Constantly quoting TV shows and doing odd poses, Bill knows he isn't actually cool but still loves acting that way. He wields a device which allows him to transform into an Ectonurite, which he labels Invisibill much to literally everyone's chagrin.

Placeholder person.png

Rose and Sam are a recently married couple who, while en route to Bellwood, encounter a bloody man in the middle of the road. What happened to him? And who did this?

Bill 2025.png
Ten years later, Bill somehow winds up on a road in the middle of nowhere, nearly dead. His life saved by a passing-through couple, he begins to tell a story of his past...

So that's Transformative! Beginning January 2020.

Now, the other show is...

Serena & Sasha's Solar System

Serena & Sasha's Solar System is a more lighthearted series, currently planned to span two seasons of thirteen episodes. It focused on different alien planets and their life, with the biology and culture of each race looked at in some depth.

Serena SSSS.png
Serena Sefa is the girlfriend of Sasha Thali and one of the main protagonists of SSSS. Living in Britain, she and Sasha are abducted by a space pirate crew known as the Ol' Carrie. One to think before she acts, Serena's behaviour often gets her into less-than-ideal scenarios. She eventually wields the Solar Bracelet, a bracelet that allows her to transform into nine different super-powered avatars, each with unique personalities.

Sasha Thali is the girlfriend of Serena Sefa, and one of the main protagonists of SSSS. After being abducted, she retains her curious tendencies and attempts to befriend the crew. Without anything to protect herself, Sasha often goes to alien planets with only a positive attitude.

Placeholder person.png
The leader of the 26-member Ol' Carrie, a ghost, alien pirate ship, is known as Phyrett. She's Zaroffian and dresses quite flamboyantly compared to the rest of her crew, and acts entirely on instinct; chasing the latest treasure down. After an encounter with the planet Nemesis, she becomes cursed for her and her crew to die unless every single piece of treasure she stole is returned to its rightful owners within 99 days. Not one to take responsibility, she abducts two Earth girls to do the task for her.

There are too many crew members to give a spotlight to here, but I do have some episode titles for y'all! Additionally, for BTFF's 10th anniversary, three episodes will be dedicated to Free-Use aliens and will feature characters based on members, old and new. These episodes will be titled:

  1. Anniversaries & Salamanders (Alpha Promixa; Similamander)
  2. Anniversaries & Betrayal (Terranoia; Capgrass)
  3. Anniversaries & Getting Dirty (Aratos; Hydd and Sykk)

Other confirmed episode titles include:

  1. Netflix & Chill
  2. Law & Order
  3. Magic & Mischief

Finally, a Christmas special of SSSS will be coming out sometime before the 31st, probably.

Well, that's all for now! Here are some polls to end it because everyone else is doing it and Hannah wants to be like the cool kids.

Ebomnitrix's Entry

[Everything was black for a moment until green electricity began vertically surrounded the area. A white light appeared in the middle of the screen until it eventually blinded the area. We zoom out from Ethan's anticipated look, as we zoom out to his full body as it revealed he was in a blue background with particles swiftly flying towards the screen. As Ethan zoomed out, he raised his arm over the Omnitrix and slammed down, with a green light blinding the screen.]

[The E-10 logo appeared with the Omnitrix surrounding the 10. Eventually it spelt out Horizons and a green light swirled below the logo, and created the number 2.]

E-10 Horizons - Season 2 logo.png

[The entire logo glowed green, and zoomed into the screen, blinding the scene with a bright light, then fading to black.]

Ebomnitrix: You guys probably know who I am by this point, but for those that don't, welcome to the E-10 Fanon Con Presentation! It's the end of the new year and we are only halfway through the new season of E-10: Horizons and we're at the end of the year. There is so much going on at this point! Ethan ended up with Maria? The Teotls escaped the seal? And they just slaughtered the entire Esoterica and escaped! What's going on?! Well in this Fanon Con, we'd like to show you all of what we're doing in 2020! But first... here's an exclusive sneak peek of what's to come in the new decade of BTFF. Please take a look!

[We flashback to the Teotls escaping from their seals.]

Tlaloc: How much time has passed since we were locked away in that dungeon?

Tezca: You mean the seal?

Tlaloc: Whatever!

[We fade to black, then fade into the next scene.]

Tlaloc (Narration): Why aren’t we doing anything to this planet? We have been trapped in there for centuries! We should be slaughtering every living being and then destroy this planet!

Huizilo (Narration): Easy, Tlaloc. We need to know what has changed in the last few thousand years.

[We flashback to Tezca unleashing multiple thunderbolts as he laughed maniacally. Alice created another energy dome around the group to block the lightning. Meanwhile, the blasts wiped out all the frozen statues of the Pacificus soldiers and Esotericans. The living Esotericans were also blasted as their bodies were blown to pieces, with blood surrounding everywhere. We cut back to present day where the Teotls were waiting inside an abandoned apartment complex.]

Huizilo: For now we observe, so when the time comes we’ll use this planet’s technology and turn the people against one another, then tear this planet apart from the inside out.

[Everything faded to black as all we could hear was Ethan's screams.]

Ethan (Shouting): NO, DON'T DO THIS!

[The song shifted as we cut to flashes of Alice being grabbed by Charmcaster at a rooftop, Hannibal leaving Ethan's house, Terence walking away from Hannibal, Nikki walking away from Ethan outside Hannibal's house, and Maria falling from a rooftop.]

[Ethan jumped off the stairway and slammed down on the Omnitrix. He spun around in a circle as he had transformed into XLR8 in mid-air. XLR8 touched the ground and ran out of the scene.]

Hannibal (Narration): Remember when promise to never lie to each other again? Well, guess what? We broke that promise, and we’re doing this to our other friends too. So why the hell are we making that same mistake again?

[As Hannibal spoke, it showed May storming out of the house and we cut to Terence yelling at Ethan. Maria went in to defend him but Terence snapped back at her then ran out the door to catch Maria. Hannibal also gave a look at the others and left the room. Nikki ran after Hannibal as Maria and Alice left the scene as well.]

Ethan (Narration): So what if I’m powerless...

Scene: [Tlaloc’s body morphed into water and went inside Ethan’s mouth. Ethan held onto his throat, choking, as he was unable to breathe.]

Ethan (Narration): ...That doesn’t mean I’m just going to let them win and take everything from me.

Scene: [Lord Decibel pressed a switch on his arm and blasted a sound wave at the two, they went flying into Maria and Alice, and their ropes split. Maria and Alice screamed as they went falling toward the pool of acid.]

Ethan (Narration): I know there’s more that I can do, there’s more than what I can do…

Scene: [An Omni-Spliced Ghoulseye went charging towards Charmcaster as she fired spells left and right. Ghoulseye phased through them and reached toward her.]

Ethan (Narration): The whole world is counting on me...

Scene: [We cut to Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki and Lieutenant Steel looking into a worried Ethan.]

Ethan (Narration): and I can’t sit by and feel depressed anymore.

Scene: [Ethan hugged onto Alice as he cried onto her shoulder.]

[We cut to Ethan yelling at a figure inside a void.]

Ethan: I can do this!

Scene: [The Omnitrix began to glitch out as a green light blinded the scene.]

E-10 Horizons Season 2 - Promo Image.png





Ebomnitrix: The second half of Season 2 continues this Winter! Ethan's fight rages on against the Teotls, and as they put him through the most difficult challenges he's ever faced, will he be able to conquer his greatest fear. What is that? You'll just have to tune in this Winter! In the mean time, here's your next look...

Oh… raise your glass and oh…

[9 people clinked their glasses together. We zoom out to see Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki, Naomi, and three other silhouettes inside a brightly lighted cafe at night.]

The night is gone and so…

[We cut to the group leaving the restaurant separately.]

There’s a light that leads into our world…

[The scene shifted to a colorful void where white lights were rapidly hitting through multiple different Earths one by one in a zig-zagging direction.]

A place of the unknown…

[We cut back to Ethan and Alice as they were laying in a field of glass while they watched the shooting stars go by.]

Discovered by my own…

[Alice laid her head against Ethan’s shoulder.]

Raise your glass and sing along…

[We zoom out from Ethan and Alice and pan upward into the night sky as a flash of white light blinded the scene.]

Oh… raise your glass and oh…

[Another silhouette was sitting by his desk inside a large room, with length more comparable to a hallway than a room, was shown, the walls, floors, and ceilings all being entirely white. The silhouette raised his glass and drank his wine.]

The night is gone and so…

[The next scene showed Ethan jumping out from an explosion in mid-air. Then he slammed down onto the Omnitrix, and transformed into a new alien who flew out of the scene at quick speed.]

There’s a light that leads into our world…

[The next scene showed the TARDIS spinning until the scene transitioned to Ethan stepping outside the TARDIS to where he and a group of others witnessed New York City having soviet flags surrounding almost every building.]

A place of the unknown…

[We cut to them being chased down the street by a group of soviets.]

Discovered by my own…

[We cut to a figure being picked for a mission. He was wearing a purple jumpsuit with cybernetic enhancements on his arm, and had spiky dark hair with a goatee. Then we cut to a flash showing a figure skating down the street from a villain who was chasing after him. The figure had shaggy brown hair who wore his band hoodie.]

Raise your glass and sing along!!!

[We cut to where Ethan as Cannonbolt, and three figures stood inside a realm. The three figures charged out of the scene while Cannonbolt went into his ball form and rolled out as well. Then we cut to a flash of Ethan screaming someone’s name. The scene faded into black and we faded back in to where Ethan and one other figure stood inside a void. The floor was white, and the skies were clouded with exploding stars in a blue-red sky.]

Ethan: So, I guess we’re going to do this…

[The other figure was revealed to be Alan Nomaly, wearing a strap around his body that held his trident, Raijin.]

Alan: Only because we’re contractually obligated to. Not because we want to.

Ethan: Good point… Alright then!

[Ethan looked up at the screen with an intense but confident look on his face.]

Ethan: Let’s give them what they’ve asked for!

E-10- Horizons (2020) logo.png

The Alan 10 Adventures logo (by Alan).png

EEPIC Logo.png

Puzzle Piece logo.png

E-10 X Alan 10 X EEPIC X Puzzle Piece.png


[A clock handle spins around until the time reaches midnight. The clock explodes as blue-red fire surrounds the area. The fire fades until eventually revealing the logo.]

Quantum Parallax logo.png



  • Ebomnitrix
  • Alanomaly
  • XxXWTBxXx
  • Spooky Laundry
  • TranswiththePlans
  • ZZ



Ebomnitrix: I bet you didn't see that coming, did ya? Get ready, for a special new crossover movie event featuring three of BTFF's currently running series and the Alan 10 Adventures! Coming in 2020. Until next time, I'll see you at tonight's Discord Presentation and as always, Stay Gold!


Sol's Entry


The Earth-1776 continuity project (or whatever the hell you want to call it) continues to thrive and dance in the disappointing birthday party that is my unmotivated, confused, and serotonin-lacking brain. But hey, since it's having a good time, for whatever reason, we might as well encourage the damn thing to keep up that dancing and see what it will eventually puke up. Then, we can sift through that excrement like we are an ancient Mediterranean culture examining a bird's corpse for a message from the gods, trying to find any artistic integrity or deeper meaning whatsoever, when in reality it is just a massive waste of time for all of those involved in the spectacle.

Did that make no sense to you too? Me neither, which is very disturbing, because I'm the one who wrote it.

In simpler terms, Earth-1776 and its projects (Starlight's Soliloquy, Sol 101) are moving along at a snail's pace, but I am overflowing with inspiration and creativity for those projects, so I'm not going to axe them. You might assume that I've done no writing on them, but you are wrong. I have done a bit of writing. The issue, though, is that I'm writing them from a top-down perspective: the endings come first and the beginnings come later. That's no way to write anything, but hey, it keeps me happy, and nothing is ever a waste if it makes you happy.

So, where does this leave you, the reader?

Well, it's part of a little precursor project I've been toying with known as the 


I was going to make art here, but I've been busy. It's my senior year, okay, give me a break?  The fact that I got like, one piece of art done this Fanon Con was cause enough for personal celebration.

So what is "ROAD TO SOL 101"?

Well, the plot of Sol 101 is very, very contrived. Let me give you a quick run-down of what the introduction comprises of:

Jules, an intergalactic war hero who has since taken a fall from grace, is relegated to post-apocalyptic Earth. Post-apocalyptic Earth is under intergalactic and interdimensional siege by Crimelord Direhart, who is angry at the City of Lore (who used to be in cahoots with Jules, until his aforementioned fall from grace), who maintain a government that keeps the universe in check and have been constantly vibe-checking Crimelord Direhart for crimes against his own humanity. In order to break a hole in the defense of Earth, Crimelord Direhart sends one of his best and craziest generals, Edgelord. Edgelord sets off a "time bomb" that transports Major Tom (keeper of the Omnitrix), Laika, and himself to the timeline which is home to our titular protagonist. As part of a last ditch effort and also his punishment by those in the City of Lore, Jules makes contact with this other timeline.

And that's barely the first half of the episode. If you think you understand that without a bit more exposition first, well, you're wrong.

So, Sol 101 is going to be a bit delayed. I'm writing a series of shorts that should serve to provide backstory, as well as being less demanding to write and produce on my behalf.

Please kindly ignore the fact that I was actually planning on writing one that ended up getting cut because I lacked the time and effort to produce it by now.

So, in summation:

Sol 101 is coming. I promise. Expect some shorts. It won't take long until the "pilot"'s out.

Now, because my whole short teaser didn't work, I guess I'll have to tease some other info instead:

Sol 101 shorts titles (confirmed): CLOSURE / ON EDGE / ROAD OF RESISTANCE



(Don't tell anyone, but I was supposed to make art for these, too.)

In order to spice up the transformations in my series, I have decided to throw a wrench in the workings of the Omnitrix. We're all used to the "OmNiTrIx MaLfUnCtIoNs" that the show likes to throw at us time and time again for cheap laughs and an easy gimmick.

Well, as writers, we all know that's lazy as heck. The Omnitrix malfunctioning and turning Ben into an alien he doesn't want is just a plot device.

I've decided to cook up some real Omnitrix malfunctions that aren't just "UHH DURR WHY I GET WILDMUTT WHEN I HIT HEATBLAST???".


The Omnitrix in Sol 101 has three main components: the core, body, and faceplate.

So, what do you get when you strip the body and faceplate and initiate a transformation with the core and core alone?

I give you NEBULOUS FORMS. You essentially get one trait from the alien, without any of the other bonuses.

Stinkfly wings? Got 'em, without the weird old eyes. Four-Arms extra arms? Sure, take a pair. Wildmutt fangs? I don't know why you would want them, you furry freak, but alright. Chow down!

Sounds great, doesn't it? Except, like the old style Omnitrix malfunctions, you don't get to select which traits you want. So, have fun when you get Heatblast's flaming hot skull but without any of the heat resistance to go along with it.


Now, let's say you manage to get the body back to the Omnitrix core, but not the faceplate.

Well, you get what we in the construction business like to call a facade. Beauty is only skin deep, and so is your Omnitrix transformation.

You essentially only get the outer layer of the transformation. Your old human vitals are still under there and are liable to damage and pain should an enemy pierce your new skin. But on the bright side, you get those powers, I guess?

Things I've thought up include: Diamondhead diamond armor, Heatblast burning ember armor, and.... This is basically just overglorified armor, isn't it?

Expect both nebulous and unstable forms to debut soon in a Sol 101 episode near you. (Soon is subjective, in terms to the whole universe).


What do you get when you mix the Omnitrix and powerful electromagnetic interference?

Well, what do you get when you mix any electronic device and powerful electromagnetic interference?

If you don't have any guesses by now, you probably failed middle school science. For a quick science experiment, go buy a big as hell magnet, unscrew your computer, and hold the magnet up to the disk. Do some figure 8s with it. I don't really care what you do with it.

If science is correct (magnets, how do they work?), your computer should be fried and your data corrupt.

I like to imagine something similar happening to the Omnitrix if it's hit with a big hecking magnet. You can still select all the same old aliens as before, but their codon samples are going to be screwed up.

Thus, I introduce: WARPED FORMS.

You want Heatblast? No, we give you Smokeshow, who can fire puffs of smoke and maybe cook a few things slowly on the campfire. We recommend this one to opportunistic dad individuals.

You want Echo Echo? No, we give you Echo. He can't duplicate himself, but he can duplicate any annoying sounds he hears as well as replicate the source of that sound. Sounds annoying at most, until the Forever Knights hear a firing squad and the innovation that is gunpowder storming their castle.

You want Four Arms? No, we give you Fivehands, who still has those extra hands, but just like the conclusion to a mediocre prom night, is all wrist.

Etc, etc, etc. I have lots of fun coming up with these, especially for my own aliens, so expect to see a few new pages for them on the Wiki (when I'm not lazy). Maybe I'll actually get around to making some of that art.

These forms are slated to appear in Starlight's Soliloquy sometime soon.


Thanks for reading my letdown of a Fanon Con submission. Hopefully you're just as excited for Sol 101/Starlight's Soliloquy as I am (believe me, it won't be hard to top)!

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