Welcome to Summer 2019's Alien Design Contest. I'm the host Aaron and the theme was Flashiness. I'm really happy for the turnout this time around, with six contestants and six submissions- the best rate we've had in a long while for one of these contests. I'm going to be judging these in a more review-like manner cos screw it I'm the host here.

Sixth Place - Off-the-grounder

Off-the-grounder's Entry
Reflekta is the Omnitrix's DNA samples of an Eblodian from Ya Obahët.


Reflekta is a lens in a giant robot camera with large robotic arms and legs.

Powers and Abilities

Reflekta can redirect light in any way, such as making lasers or obscuring objects with darkness.


Reflekta's lens body is made of glass.


The Eblodians are decended from Sandbox's species. They live on a closer planet to their sun.


Ya Obahët is a very scenic sand planet with many tunnels.

0/10 I don't think you even tried.

Fifth Place - Ethan

Oh hey, a note from Ethan:
"Hi, this is EBOmnitrix submitting for what's probably the first ever Alien Design Contest! This is an alien I've had designed for a long time and who I've been saving for the future of E-10: Horizons. So you're about to get your first look at an exclusive never before seen alien. So stay tuned for when he arrives, and enjoy the show!"

Using Fanon Con to advertise your show? Who do you think you are? Me?

Ethan from E-10: Horizons's Entry





Dragon Rush shout

Species / Homeworld

Dragon Rush is a alien dragon that comes from the homeworld, Siigolis.

Dragon Rush's planet is filled with many different terrains that contain various different species of dragons! Each species has a different set of abilities depending upon the terrain they live on. These terrains exist on the outer part of the world so that the dragons can guard otherworlders from the hidden world, being the Sovengarde. A city where all the many dragons gather for events or just to simply settle down there. Down there, these dragons can also light up their scales to reveal different shapes and patterns.

A'taenda was only lucky enough to obtain one of their species' DNA, due to their planet being so difficult to enter and escape due to their species violent behavior. This species was the Dovahbriin, a 20 ft tall dragon from the Lotlom Territory. A region filled with many oceans, ice caverns and where the moon always shines! Dozens of other types of aquatic dragons nest there for life of luxury or for the sake of roaring their hearts out. Luckily for A'taenda, these are second most calmest species on their planet, which is how she was able to obtain the DNA sample.

Powers and Abilities

Dragon Rush's body can become surrounded by water and shoot himself like a rocket at the opponent, slamming into it. Dragon Rush can also breathe large blasts at water that can shoot out like a cannon, which he can also use to freeze his opponents. Dragon Rush can also regenerate himself around water, making him able to clean up any wounds in battle.

Dragon Rush has fast flight but incredibly faster swimming. Dragon Rush can swim in almost any environment, which he can use to his advantage and to power up his attacks. This alien has enhanced strength, speed and durability.

Dragon Rush can use the moon to power himself up and increase his aquatic abilities.

Dragon Rush can manipulate the weather and use it to create rain showers or thunderstorms.

Dragon Rush has a trident as his tail, which he can use to fend off any opponents that attack from behind.

Dragon Rush can resist temperatures.


Dragon Rush can be weakened by large electrical attacks, for example, thunder. But Dragon Rush can resist being electrocuted to a certain degree.

Dragon Rush's large size make it impossible for him to become undetected. He is also relatively slower than other opponents, and his size, likewise, makes using things, or moving through areas designed for smaller species difficult.

His immense size also makes him an easy target for enemy attacks. His durability does have a limit.

While Dragon Rush has a temperature resistance, he can become weak to extreme heated conditions, including radiation. Like other reptilians, he can become much slower if exposed to colder climates below -100.

Dragon Rush can't regenerate his wounds without moisture.

This is all I have to announce for Dragon Rush, I really hope you guys love this alien as much as I do. Aliens 12-19 have yet to be revealed at this time, more about any other E-10 aliens will be revealed at a later date.

Until then, enjoy the con and as always, Stay Gold!

For the other users opinions, what do you think of Dragon Rush!?

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Nice [S K Y R I M] reference my dude. However I have to ask...

What about this alien is flashy? Sure it's a new alien in your series. In that context I suppose it is Flashy. New aliens tend to be. But he's just a water dragon. Dragon's aren't even new to Ben 10 lore.

Like sure this alien is good but it's got nothing to do with the theme. You had one rule and you couldn't stick to it? I know for a fact you have other aliens in the works. Couldn't you have designed another alien race that doesn't appear but it totally canon to E-10 if you wanted to advertise your series?

Fourth Place - Atom

Atom's Entry
Phantom Pixel is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Photosite.

Powers and Abilities

  • Any light that comes into contact with his body becomes polarized.

This ability is practically useless on its own, but it works in conjunction with his other abilities:

  • His interior molecular biology is mostly made up of liquid crystal-like substance. As such, he is able to absorb and redirect a polarized light beam.
  • He can also project the light in the form of rapid flashes that can blind his enemies. Or in the form of alternating color patterns that can induce seizures in his opponents.
  • He can use absorbed light to vibrate his molecules at high speeds and turn intangible for a limited period of time.


He has a light gray amorphous body that constantly swirls and is surrounded by a glow that dims or intensifies based on the lightning of his surroundings. 


His ability to manipulate light is limited; absorbed light must be immediately redirected and cannot be stored in his body for later use.

If he exposed to high enough levels of heat, he could expand to the point of dissipating and dwindling away.

Species and Home World

The term Photosite is used to describe beings such as Phantom Pixel.

Most digital visual interfaces are made of millions of pixels. At any moment... a pixel can become defective or "die". This is how Photosites come into existence. However, not all such occurences create a Photosite, the probability of this event producing a Photosite is infinitesimaly low. After the pixel "dies", it begins morphing into a strange block of glitched pixels with a palette of multiple colors. The visual interface turns to static and the Photosite emerges from it in a blinding flash of polychromatic light.

The first documentations of a Photosite triggered attempts by the some of the most intelligent species to create them artificially and use them as conduits to efficiently harness the light energy emitted by stars. Most if not all Photosites in existence were artificially created and stripped of their freedom.

Photosites are not native to any celestial body and any naturally born Photosite most likely roams freely, avoiding contact with anybody that might seek to abuse his power.

Good try Atom, but this alien suffers from:

  • The theme of Flashiness being taken too literally
  • The powers being needlessly complex yet still underpowered as hell (what even is the point of polarising light?)
  • Very poor description of appearance. It's implied in his weaknesses that he's gaseous, but implied in his species info that's he's a digital organism?

idk I guess overall the alien just doesn't really feel cohesive at all.

Oh and for the theme of Flashiness you chose an amorphous grey gas?

Third Place - Boaring

Boaring's Entry

Solar Flair is an alien DNA sample of a Heliosian from the Solana system.

Powers and Abilities

Solar Flair is capable of firing solar energy beams through the lenses on his suit. The energy Solar Flair radiates is hot enough to melt solid metal and rock. 

Solar Flair can amplify his powers when exposed to solar energy (i.e. a sun). He can also envelop his armor with solar aura which allows it to create flashes of blinding light when heavily struck. 

He is capable of flight only when exposed to solar energy from himself or an outside source.

Solar Flair has an ability, Solar Splendor, where he opens his armor and exposes his true self while radiating special light waves. These light waves trigger the brain sensors, allowing exposed eyes to stare at Solar Flair's blinding light for a long period of time to the point of losing their vision.


  • Solar Flair is quite fragile. So, his suit allows him to protect itself from harm.
  • His energy tends to dwindled whenever he uses his powers. He requires to be exposed to solar energy to revitalize itself.
  • Flying decreases his energy even more.
  • His special ability can work on everyone, so allies can get exposed and stare at Solar Flair's light.
  • Solar Splendor also leaves himself vulnerable to outside harm.
  • Solar Splendor is ineffective against blind people or people using special equipment that blocks sun rays.


Solana is the living central star of the Solana System. Solana is a yellow dwarf star, a hot ball of glowing gases. It has a lone planet circling around its system: Agrippae. The connection and interactions between the Solana blesses Agrippae with the seasons, ocean currents, weather, climate, radiation belts and aurorae.


Heliosians are smaller pieces of Solana given life. They appear as small floating suns. They mostly wear special heavy armor that protect themselves from outside harm. Little is known about Heliosians since after the fall of the Tyrant because they returned to Solana afterwards. They are the sole guardians of the Solana System. 


Hrothgar, the Tyrant, was a ruthless, power-hungry warlord. He and his Bloodeye Legion invades and conquers planets simply for sport. They ravaged the lands, destroyed civilization, and hunted every living species to the point of extinction. 

People of Agrippae discovered that the Tyrant's next course is their planet. They begged their deity, Solana, for protection and safety from their invaders. Through a prophet, Solana instructed to created a suit of armor within the coming days. Once it was completed, Solana struck it with a massive ray of solar energy. The armor came to life and spoke to the people of Agrippae, telling them that Solana has created him to be her servant and Agrippae's guardian.

The Bloodeye Legion soon arrived and ravaged through Agrippae. The armor stepped in and used his powers to wipe out their warships and burn the invaders to a crisp. Hrothgar fought against him relentlessly. As the armor staggered, Hrothgar cleaved through its armor. But instead of going down, a flash of light radiated immensely. Hrothgar stared at the beautiful light for so long, it burned out his vision entirely. With one final sun beam, Hrothgar was defeated.

The people of Agrippae rejoiced and praised Solana and her champion as the rest of the invaders were driven off. They repaired the Heliosian's armor as he returned to his creator.

A year passed. The armor returned to offer a message from Solana. He proclaimed that more invaders will arrive in the future and he cannot defend Agrippae alone. He beseeched the people to create more armors for Solana to bless. The people agreed. More stalwart suits were forged and each one blessed by Solana's divine light, ready to defend Agrippae and serve their creator. The people eventully called these guardians Heliosians. Invaders attemped to attack, but they were all defeated by armored warriors of the sun.

This alien looks cool and all, but it's not that in-line with how the alien is described. He kinda seems like NRG but with a reverse-Toepick ability when his armour opens. The artwork is very good, but the lack of hint that anything unique lives within kinda draws him back from being better imo.

A good entry, but shy of a higher place in the ranks.

First Place - WTB

WTB's Entry
Razzle Dazzle, simply nicknamed RD on occasions, is the Omnitrix’s DNA sample of a Wilrammortra from the planet of Neost'pia, known for its planetary atmosphere mostly containing Neon gas. He is free-to-use with the optional choice of anyone using him providing me credit.


Razzle Dazzle is a tall, lanky humanoid alien, standing nearly 7 feet tall and weighing an estimated 300 pounds. Razzle Dazzle’s skin is leathery in texture, pale-color in color, and covered in jagged, stripe-like formations of multicolored streaks of varying shades of the primary colors, including red, blue, yellow, and even secondary colors, such as green, purple, and orange, with a usual dominant color throughout their body with the most common being the three primary colors and rare genetic mutations resulting into other non-secondary color fusions, such as brown and pink. In the case of 16-year-old Ben Tennyson of the Prime universe, his primary color is that of green, influenced by the Omnitrix.

Razzle Dazzle have a pointed face with large eyes, primarily white with glowing pupils, green if used by Prime Ben, an absence of a nose, as Wilrammortra’s primarily breathe through sections of their skin, wide lip-less mouths, sharp black teeth, and a white tongue, along with long limbs, pointed fingertips that vaguely resemble claws but are merely just the protruding outline of the bone visible through the skin, an absence of nails, and six flexible, movable pointed horns that emerge from their head that express current emotions, standing upwards if threatened and smoothing them downwards if relaxing, and are each colored a different color of the six natural colors that coat their skin.

Again, if used by 16-year-old Ben Tennyson of the Prime universe, the Omnitrix symbol would be located on his outer right shoulder and his outfit would consist of a slim jumpsuit with an exposed stomach, sleeves cut off halfway down his biceps and thighs, visible green pads on his shoulders and knees, and a green headband around their forehead.

Powers and Abilities

Néokinesis: Razzle Dazzle and all of the Wilrammortra species are capable of manipulating Neon gas, a monatomic, one-atom gas that under standard conditions, is colorless, odorless, inert, lacking the ability or strength to move on its own, and glows bright orange-red if under low pressure with an electric current passing through it. Neon gas is generated out of Razzle Dazzle’s skin via being exhaled from the respiratory system and takes on a multicolored state. Razzle Dazzle’s generation and manipulation over said gas grants him his two primary abilities listed below, though Razzle Dazzle is capable of using Neon gas for weak aerokinetic attacks.

Phreatic Explosions: By rapidly converting manipulated Neon gas into liquid and back into a gas, Razzle Dazzle can self-detonate the Neon gas and create boiling phreatic explosions that gain increasing destruction the more Neon gas or flammable, explosive substances it is exposed to. Razzle Dazzle is capable of easily generating enough Neon gas and self-detonating it within just a few seconds to create an explosion powerful enough to completely destroy the foundation of a large house.

Photokinesis: Razzle Dazzle can generate and manipulate blinding bursts of glowing-white light from his eyes or taking on a differently-colored state if fired from the multicolored tips of his horns. Razzle Dazzle gains this ability via absorbing heat and solar radiation from the sun and is powerful enough to blind someone, set flammable objects on fire, and if concentrated enough, fire incinerating optic blasts that can melt metal.

Electricity Generation: Razzle Dazzle can generate bursts of multicolored electricity from his body, resulting in his pale-white second taking on a reddish-orange hue, similar to Neon gas when under low pressure and exposed to an electric current. Razzle Dazzle is able to emit electricity via supercharging absorbed solar radiation within his body and though Razzle Dazzle can not manipulate said electricity, Razzle Dazzle can release violent bursts from his body in powerful auras that can repel foes back.

Enhanced Strength/Durability/Agility/Dexterity: Razzle Dazzle has enhanced strength, durability, and agility compared to the average human, but can be countered with a being of above-average physiology. Razzle Dazzle’s species of Wilrammortra are known to be naturally gentle beings and have developed enhanced dexterity.

Temperature Immunity: As Razzle Dazzle is able to absorb solar radiation and heat from the Earth’s sun into his body to generate bursts of white light or electricity from his body, Razzle Dazzle is naturally very resistant to high temperatures, able to withstand extremely hot or cold climates.


Destructive Explosions: Even in small amounts, Razzle Dazzle’s generated Neon gas can be detonated into extremely powerful explosions that can easily destroy huge sections of surroundings nearby, leaving Razzle Dazzle as an alien that should not be used in enclosed or dangerous settings.

Blinding: If Razzle Dazzle’s eyes are suddenly forcefully covered, he’ll lose all concentration toward his optic beams but if the material shielding them is flammable, he can still release his optic beams to either burn or melt it away.

Solar Dependence: Razzle Dazzle loses his ability to generate his light and electricity-based attacks if he is not exposed to the sun for long periods of time, and can generally weaken Razzle Dazzle’s strength and durability.

Hydro Vulnerability: Razzle Dazzle has a very slight vulnerability toward water, as it can painfully electrocute him if he is exposed to water while generating his electrical attacks. Though if not, Razzle Dazzle is unaffected.

Alien Species Lore

Upon being born, Wilrammortra’s are born without horns and with faded multicolored splotches throughout their body and over the course of a time estimated to be around 33 human days, they sprout their horns and gain more vibrant color splotches by absorbing solar radiation from the sun near Neost’pia. Upon the end of the 33rd day, the Wilrammortra has reached adolescence but will spend another additional 33 days of metamorphosis, growing taller and at the end of the 66th day, the Wilrammortra has officially become an adult and has a lifespan of 120 Earth years.

Stated above, Wilrammortra’s are gentle, dexterous, and surprisingly intelligent creatures, capable of easily learning speech patterns and be fully speaking by the end of their 66 days of growth upon being born. Wilrammortra’s are very peaceful beings and their societies have very minimal violence, where their societies also worship the art of “Neoso”, creating abstract art from manipulating the neon gas within the planet’s atmosphere, and even outsiders to the planet of Neost’pia consider Neoso a very glamorous, eye-widening practice that its dexterous beauty can only be understood if seen in person. Wilrammortra’s are also known to worship the alien species of Pyronites, as they see them as stunning angelic creatures of manipulated heat, as the two species have a mutual relationship of each other and due to their immunity toward extreme heat, can visit each other’s planets.

Home Planet Lore

Neost’pia itself is a small planet with thin gorges that run through the planet, being the edges of the large tectonic plates that makes up the crust of Neost’pia. Its atmosphere is a combination of mostly Neon gas and oxygen. Neost’pia is covered in large geysers that once every 3.5 Earth years, release volcanic blasts of plasma energy that Wilrammortra’s absorb for nutrients that aid in their natural ability to create Neon gas. The planet of Neost’pia is present within the same galaxy of the star Pyros, where the alien species of Pyronites are present, and are the global source of heat for the entire planet of Neost’pia, resulting in its high geo-temperature and soft multicolored glow from absorbed solar energy given off by the Pyros star.

Despite being natural calm creatures, the Wilrammortra’s are violent slayers of the predatory Crabdozer species that drifts around near the atmosphere of Pyros, crashes into the star, feed for a certain amount of time, and journey back into outer space by riding solar flares. Wilrammortra’s primarily use their self-detonating explosions of Neon gas to either shatter and break the rocky hide that covers their body, or damage their nerve systems. After death, Wilrammortra’s usually then extract remaining strips of Crabdozer hide and create materials from it, including tools, armor, and even jewelry, where they sell to either Pyros or alien outsiders that visit each planet for a profit. They may also extract Crabdozer bone, organs, and flesh to be sold for varying reasons, though usually consumption by non-Pyronite alien outsiders, as Crabdozer meat is considered a very rare delicacy from not only how hard it is to encounter Crabdozers at the blazing-hot planets of Pyros and Neost’pia, but killing them, as Crabdozers are violent, relentless creatures with near-indestructible, fire-proof hides.


  • Razzle Dazzle's nickname means "a confusing or colorful often gaudy action or display", revealing Razzle Dazzle's ability to confuse his foes via blinding them with his light-based attacks and his multicolored body.
  • Razzle Dazzle’s species name of “Wilrammortra” is a combination of the first letters of both of the first and last names of William Ramsay and Morris Travers, the two who not only discovered Neon, but Argon, Krypton, Xenon, and later, created Radon.
  • Razzle Dazzle’s home planet name of “Neost’pia” is a combination of “Neos”, the Greek word Neon is named after, meaning “new” and the slightly corrupted word of “utopia”, referring to the complex, pure societies that the Wilrammortra have created.
  • Razzle Dazzle was considered to be given the ability to fly via manipulating an aerokinetic aura of Neon gas around his body, but while plausible, was scrapped due to simply feeling Razzle Dazzle having the ability of flight was unfitting.
  • The placement of the Omnitrix symbol of Razzle Dazzle if used by teenager Prime Ben Tennyson is inspired by the Omnitrix symbol placement of 10 or 11-year-old Four Arms from the original series, though mirrored as his Omnitrix symbol is on the left shoulder.
  • The movable horns of Wilrammortra’s that point upwards if threatened are inspired by the flaps on the side of a frilled lizard’s neck.
  • The mutual relationship between the Pyronites and Wilrammortra’s are inspired by the mutual relationships of the unnamed species of Ball Weevil and Atrocians, the species of The Worst. The Atrocians are filthy slobs who can’t clean up after themselves, and the species of Ball Weevil use their natural ability to generate sticky balls of plasma to collect up all their filth and detonate them.
  • The whole process of Razzle Dazzle self-detonating Neon gas to create a phreatic explosion takes only an estimated 2.54 seconds.
  • Razzle Dazzle has his own catchphrase: "Hit 'em with the ol' RAZZLE DAZZLE!"
  • If Ben were to use Razzle Dazzle, he'd not only usually use said catchphrase, but for dramatic effect, would snap his dominant hand's fingers right as he detonates a huge amount of Neon gas to create a massive explosion.

Hey is that a mother fricking BTFF User reference?

Right off the bat the appearance:

  • Pretty much nails Raz's aesthetic for creature design
  • Really REALLY suffers from a poor explanation of what exactly their skin colours/patterns are, which is hand-waved as being specific to each trix user. This could've been mitigated with a pic, which I'm not docking the entry for, but it's only really a problem for how vague the explanation is.
  • The Horn design sounds SUPER cute and, again, exactly like something Raz would design. Given that you named this entry after them, I'm awarding points for being on-theme. What's that? The theme was Flashiness? Same thing tbh.
>exposed stomach

Razzle be like

I like his powerset, though it feels a little unfocused. In total he has:

  • Neon Gas Generation and Manipulation
  • Neon Gas Detonation
  • Lazer Eyes/Horns
  • Electricity Generation
  • Temperature Immunity
  • Various Enhanced Abilities

The only one that seems out of place, really, is the Lazers. Everything else is well justified given his primary ability and general Neon theme. On the flip side, with the exception of Blinding, the weaknesses are also well justified and seem balanced enough to me.

The Lore is interesting, I like the creation of a new form of art to expand their depth, but the planet lore just doesn't add much tbh.

Solid entry.

First Place - CaT

CaT's infoboxes are a thing of beauty, so I recommend checking out the page he submitted this alien to.

Note: That page probably won't work by the time the next fanon con comes around, so I assume CaT will have made Memory Flash's actual page by then

CaT's Entry
Memory Flash is an alien created for the 2019 Summer Fanon Con.

He is a Mynimi from the planet Micoro, since I had to remove the infobox


Memory Flash's obvious ability is to generate blinding amounts of light from the bulbs on his hands, which can be brightened or dimmed at will.

  • Example: Memory Flash flashbangs an enemy in a dark building and then dims his lights so they can't easily spot him when their eyes recover.

That aside, his primary ability is actually to recreate 3D holographic displays of memories drawn from his or someone else's minds.

  • Example: Memory Flash's user needs to investigate a crime scene that has already been cleared and creates a display from the mind of a police officer who was at the scene, recreating the area in question in the exact state the officer initially saw it.

These displays are made of solid light, meaning that while they don't have the same physical properties of the matter they're representing, they still create solid objects that can be interacted with. These objects can be used normally unless they require some sort of energy-based power source.

  • Example: Memory Flash needs a weapon pronto and grabs a memory from a bystander of the last time they saw an AK-47. Memory Flash is now armed with an AK-47. Please do not ask how he fires it with no fingers, that is private.

Memory Flash has a photographic memory and never forgets any detail of anything he's seen, making him extremely useful for investigative purposes.

  • Example: Memory Flash is only able to observe a password being entered for a short second, but is able to flawlessly enter the password weeks after viewing this.


Memory Flash's "bulbs" are rather fragile, and if they get broken somehow, he will no longer be able to use his abilities.

The projections Memory Flash creates are only as accurate as the memories he's pulling from. If the subject in question recalls details incorrectly, those flaws will be present in Memory Flash's hard light projection.

Memory Flash cannot recreate memories that no longer exist, meaning that if his target has forgotten something for one reason or another, their memory of the forgotten thing in question will be inaccessible to him. As an extension of this, details that his target has forgotten about memories that he can access will show up as blank spaces in the physical holograms he creates of that memory. Since very few species have a perfect memory, these blank spaces can show up fairly often.

Planet and Species Information

Memory Flash is a Mynimi from the planet Micoro.

Where "making memories" is a sentimental idea for humans, the Mynimi see it as an extreme sport, with professional "Memory Makers" competing to see who can create the flashiest and most extreme memory displays by putting themselves in ridiculous and sometimes dangerous situations. Numerous Memory Makers die from the sport every year, but that hasn't decreased its popularity in the slightest, with the top Memory Makers being viewed as celebrity icons and given handsome amounts of reward money.

Micoro, prior to its overhaul by modern Mynimi, was a horrific, dangerous place covered in dense forests that nobody in their right minds would ever want to visit. Life was fast and short for anything that wasn't an apex predator, with the Mynimi's ancestors starting out at the bottom of the food chain. Micoro was a dark planet whose surface was constantly shrouded by clouds, forcing the native wildlife to develop extremely advanced vision in order to function. The Mynimi evolved their bulbs to take advantage of this, blinding any predator that got too close and making their escape while their would-be attacker was left stunned.

As the Mynimi developed intellectually, memory became extremely important for the species, as they were forced to perfectly memorize the safest routes from shelter to food and back again in order to survive. Their light-generating bulbs eventually evolved the ability to recreate these memories in a physical, visible form, allowing adolescent Mynimi who had never even stepped outside their cave-like dwellings to instantly familiarize themselves with these pathways.

The Mynimi eventually began using these projections offensively, memorizing every predator that came after them and creating copies of these predators to be used against them. Different attacks were memorized by Mynimi silently observing their predators from a distance, allowing them to "replay" these attacks with their hard light memories against real predators in a fight. With an endless supply of their own techniques turned against them, the predators of Micoro were killed off too fast to evolve counter-measures, leaving the modern Mynimi as the dominant species on the planet.

Approximately sixty-three percent of Micoro has been terraformed by the Mynimi, who have cut down significant chunks of the planet's legendary forests and used the trees as a building material. Certain groups among the Mynimi have protested this practive, but the Mynimi as a species generally hold a grudge against the forest for the challenges it presented to their ancestors, seeing any exploitation of it as fair game. At the moment, this massive deforestation hasn't had a particularly adverse effect on the planet, but time will tell if this destructive terraforming is in any way sustainable.


  • Memory Flash's name comes from "flash memory", a type of digital memory stored on flash drives.
  • The species name 'Mynimi' comes from the Greek word 'μνήμη' ('mními'), which translates to "memory".
  • The planet name 'Micoro' comes from the Latin word "mico", which translates to "flash".


  • Memory Flash takes inspiration from flash drive memory and flashbulb memories, respectively.
    • To clarify, flashbulb memories are extremely vivid memories formed as a snapshot of time when something potentially traumatic or of great consequence occurs; for example, when people say they can describe exactly what they were doing when hijacked planes hit the Twin Towers on 9/11, they're usually describing a flashbulb memory.

Okay so leading with the literal 'Flash' power led me to think you were taking the lazy route given an inventive twist, glad to know that's only a secondary ability. One problem: He can use his own memories, effectively rendering removing the need to use other people's memories to generate weapons or other defensive measure. This, to me, seems easily open to abuse. His weaknesses are perfectly complimentary and logical based on his power set.

The lore behind this species is PERFECT. Absolutely flawless and perfectly justifies the alien designed, which I haven't mentioned also looks pretty snazzy.

But there IS a typo in there. See if you can find it.

Wait What Do You Mean There Are Two People In First

Put down your pitchforks and let me explain:

  • I believe that CaT created the better and cooler alien
  • However, WTB also created a cool and unique alien that sticks to the theme better than CaT's alien

If I had to put one in front of the other, it would probably be Memory Flash for being better developed, but I don't have to do anything. You leeches don't pay me.

Congratulations to our two winners! I'm very happy with the outcome this year! Happy Fanon Con!

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