Alright Imma preface this with two things:

  1. We were supposed to let users submit small explanatory paragraphs of text along with the images to justify what the artist drew. We forget to tell people that.
  2. I am tired as heck right now.

Second Place

CaT's Entry

Welcome to Sightra! CaT actually leaked this piece early on the Duwang Gang Discord, and along with it explained that it's based on the lore piece about Sightra over on BTP. Which is good because I probably wouldn't have made the connection on my own.

I love the alien designs, my favourite being the black creature in the background because it reminds me of a Spielberg War of the Worlds-style tripod and I'm a sucker for that shit. The amoeba-esque designs certainly suit the canonically gelatinous world where heavy creatures like humans simply *shlurp* into the ground like a rather mediocre episode of Doctor Who.

The main reason this piece came second is because it just feels a bit flat and cartoony, but not in a good way. Idk I'm kinda struggling to explain it.

But if this were a competition about making a beautiful sky oooh boy would this come first. The delicious, dense looking purple atmosphere really does look beautiful, albeit it only takes up a small portion of the canvas.

First Place

Brandon's Entry
Alien Wildlife Art

MMM Pastel colours...

Brandon steals first place with his beautiful (albeit lacking in vegetation) alien landscape. Whereas CaT would've had to tell me about his planet, Brandon has instead used his piece to tell me the story of his world via the medium of art- just the way Bob Ross intended.

The planet itself we can see is actually the moon of a much larger green planet with rocky continents of land and vast rings of asteroids, circling a binary star system. Two large animals stand together on the shore of a green ocean nuzzling eachother, giving the impression that these two are mating partners. In the foreground two flowers disperse their seeds into the wind, a vicious-looking insect hovering nearby (I assume having some part in the pollination whether it meant to or not).

Not a flawless piece, for sure, I first thought the green sea was meant to be a poorly drawn forest. What really sets this above CaT's entry is that it feels much deeper both in terms of literally how deep the art appears, and how much it tells of its environment. I feel like with CaT's entry I'd need to be told more to know how the different aspects of his environment interact (though I should mention I did notice the little red guy post-being eaten. A nice touch).


As I alluded to earlier, I saw CaT's entry quite a bit before I saw Brandon's and tbh when I did I didn't think it'd be topped. But, like I said in yesterday's blog, I appreciate the ideas more so than the execution. While Brandon's entry is rougher I feel like it benefits for showing much more complex creatures and a much greater variety.

Reviewing and analysing these two pieces has been thoroughly enjoyable on my part and I looks forwards to doing it next time! I hope you all enjoyed reading these blogs as well, and be sure to tune in tomorrow for the main Fanon Con blog!

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