Hey wow a fanon con contest where everyone submitted on time!

...April Fools!

Today's theme for our character creation contest is "May Flowers". Let's see how our contestants took that theme.

Second Place

Beast's Entry
Amaryllis "Feelgood" Peters is a character created for the Spring Fanon Con!

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Amaryllis Peters is an African American woman with yellow eyes, curly black hair, and dark, full lips. She has freckles along her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose and is never seen without a smile. 

She wears a large yellow raincoat, yellow gloves, brown capri pants, and carries a yellow backpack. She also wears yellow boots that always appear wet, leaving footsteps wherever she goes. 


Amaryllis “Feelgood” Peters is a very cheerful woman. Her voice is high pitched, and she always speaks with a smile whenever she talks to anyone. She walks with a bounce in her step, but whenever possible on a slick surface, she will slide around using the water from her boots. 

Feelgood is a very personable woman, always shaking a hand or giving a hug when meeting somebody if possible. She usually does this habitually, and without asking, which she admits is something she has to work on. 

Unless you’re used to Feelgood’s sense of pep, she sometimes comes across as annoying to those who’ve had multiple run-ins with her. She will barrage a person with never-ending compliments, encouragement, and jokes until they smile. 

Feelgood will sometimes speak about unfortunate events or tragedies in a light, happy tone. She knows that these events are bad, but her abilities hinder her from showing off anything but happiness and confidence. She always apologizes for this, as she reinforces that “it’s who she is.” 

She is ambivalent towards good and evil; she focuses on survival and how any situation can benefit both her and the people she interacts with. With this, she doesn’t usually pay for food, and worms out of punishments for minor crimes by using her powers to make the people who confront her both happier and less accusing. 


Amaryllis Peters was not a happy person, and she had no reason not to be. Her dreams of going to school for psychology were dashed by poverty, as she, her mother, and her father found themselves in the less maintained slums of Bellwood thanks to an alien battle involving Ben Tennyson spilling into their neighborhood. Though her mother was angry at the world and directed that anger back at her, her father sick and her brother long gone and off in the world, Amaryllis did what she could to help her family get by in their new surroundings, taking jobs in town to help with finances.

One rainy day, after a particularly long graveyard shift, she came back to her home to find the door open, and her home in shambles once again. Checking all the rooms in her house, her family was nowhere to be found. Panicking, she was caught off guard with the sensation of rain, falling on her head. What she thought was just another leak in the roof turned out to be a developing storm inside of her house, cloud accumulating and illuminating with brilliant lightning. She thought she was hallucinating from the stress of her parents being gone, and the booming voice suddenly coming from the mass of clouds did nothing to help. The voice told her not to worry, and to smile, for her parents were alive. In this world of aliens and intergalactic attacks and invasions, she wasn’t quick to trust what a mass of clouds inside of her house was telling her, but the clouds continued. They introduced themselves as Adfectus, the Deliverance of the Storm, with a purpose for her. The clouds began to glow even brighter, forcing Amaryllis to shield her eyes. But she eventually began to feel...better. “A Freeze Pop after falling off her bike” better. “Exploring the creek in her old neighborhood with her old friend” better. “Spending hours in the library reading up on books regarding human minds and how they worked” better.

Adfectus told her they’d given her a gift: eternal happiness, and a position as one of his Heralds, spreading that same happiness she felt then to the rest of the universe. The only price? She was to never find out what happened to the rest of her family, or the power would disappear. Whether it was a moment of selfishness and her frustration with her family, her mind being influenced by the happiness she felt, or something else entirely, she gave a toothy smile, and agreed.

Now 3 years later, the disappearance of the Peters family is one of the top cases still being worked on by law enforcement, with dead-ends at seemingly every turn. Unbeknownst to her brother, Amaryllis became a roamer of the extended universe thanks to the influence of the Deliverance of the Storm. Under the name of “Feelgood” she continues spreading her positivity as Adfectus told her, ending wars and smaller conflicts, solving problems, and making hopeless, gloomy days for many seem much better while returning to Bellwood every once in a while to make sure that her home is still standing. While she resides in eternal happiness as promised, she herself feels like she’s always “in the eye of the storm”, as behind her lies all the dreams she left behind, her family she can never see and the guilt of accepting such a gift at her family’s expense and in front of her, the full responsibility simply “always being happy” has on her and the universe. Through the showers of sadness and pain and loss people in the universe feel, she will go where she is needed to emerge as a vision of happiness and peace in their lives. 

But as she smiles at you, doing everything she can to make sure you can smile as well, a thought bumps and rolls around in her mind: What is her happiness, without the ability to be sad herself? 

Powers and Abilities

  • Feelgood is empowered by a strange, universal force known as Adfectus, the Deliverance of the Storm. Adfectus employs multiple beings all across the universe, but they all have the ability to converse with him and walk with him in his physical form of small, rumbling storm clouds. 
  • Feelgood has an aura of positivity around her, able to activate the dopamine response in a person’s brain just by hugging, talking to, or being around them. The effects are weaker respectively with the forms of contact just listed. Using this, she can affect the mood of virtually any sentient, organic being as long as it possesses a consciousness. It is unknown if her aura would work on metaphysical beings like Celestialsapiens, Contemelia or the Naljian, but the effects are almost instant on all other beings in the universe.
  • Using the powers of Adfectus, Feelgood can surround themselves in his physical clouds and fly at speeds varying up to 85 mph. The clouds themselves have mobility and are able to move with dizzying maneuvers and calculated precision to escape pursuers. In a natural storm, Feelgood can disappear into the clouds and almost never be found except by means of tracking.
  • Through Adfectus, Feelgood potentially has the power to control the weather, as she can negate the worst rainstorms just by her arrival.
  • Feelgood’s boots are usually always wet, even in the arid sands of Khoros or on the frigid landscape of Kylmyys. She uses this water for mobility purposes, sliding around on them like ice skates whenever she chooses. 
  • Feelgood is also an intelligent, practicing ( and self-proclaimed) doctor, who uses the knowledge from her time studying psychology to analyze the people she talks to before she speaks with them, using generic knowledge about those archetypes to further emphasize with them. 


  • Feelgood’s aura can only reach organic beings, so species such as Chronosapiens, Galvanic Mechamorphs, and things such as Techadons will not feel the effects to their mood.
  • Though empowered by Adfectus, Feelgood is still just a human, which means she has all the weaknesses that come with being human (i.e. no space survivability)
  • The people who she affects will remember how she influenced them, and the effects will only last for a couple of hours after she departs.


  • Feelgood’s first name Amaryllis is literally a flower that will bloom more prominently in the month of May.
  • Based off the saying (and the theme of the Spring Fanon Con), she chooses to appear primarily after rain storms, reinforcing that an April Shower will bring a May Flower in the form of her. 
  • Her powers are reminiscent of the D&D 1st Level Spell Charm Person, which allows a user to cast a spell to make an enemy friendly fo up to 1 hour.


So this entry sticks to the theme primarily by giving the character a flowery personality, but she distinctly feels like only half of a story. While I'm fully aware that -spoilers- CaT's entry IS part of a bigger story, his entry takes the time to fill you in on the more important details relevant to the entry. In this entry we have a benevolent(?) cosmic deity who has bestowed upon Amaryllis (ah, you both went with flower names) the power to make people feel good on the condition that Ama never ask any questions about why her family is now MIA.

What falls flat is the mystery box problem. What's in the box? What happened to her parents? The intrigue of this character fall entirely on how much you care about that question, but I don't feel like I do. How much you like this entry will depend on how attached you personally find yourself to that question. I don't particularly find the aforementioned deity developed enough to care why they're simultaneously interested in ending wars and kidnapping/murdering random families and enslaving random people to become their avatar.

I think this entry would've worked better as a writing entry.

Please tell me this isn't connected to Beasts' writing, I haven't read them yet.

First Place

CaT's Entry

Calendua Human.png


General Information
Species Somnium Herba (Marigold-Type)
Home World Somnortus
Personality Type INFP-T (Mediator)
Friends None
Relatives Unknown
Age 27 (Somnortian Years)
23 (Earth Years)
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Flower Control
Sleep Inducement
Dream Manipulation
Hidden Vines
Equipment SapienSwitch
First Appearance Marigold
Calendua is a character that inhabits the world of Tech Cross. She was originally created for the Spring Fanon Con 2020 Character Competition.


An extremely rare marigold-type Somnium Herba from the planet Somnortus, Calendua was born from a seed planted underneath the soil, as are most of her species. From the moment she initially emerged, she was treated with cautious skepticism by the other Herba, who carried a long-standing belief that marigold-types were harbingers of misfortune and death.

Faced with a hostile culture from the outset, Calendua spent most of her time among the non-sapient plantlife on her planet, being fascinated by their varied structures and finding an odd sense of peace among them. Constant harassment and threats of violence from her own species whenever she ventured among them only served to increase her attachment to these plants.

After a particularly harsh rainy season flooded the forests she called home, destroying numerous villages, the superstitious townsfolk actively began hunting her down, blaming her for the incident. Forced to flee her country, she found the rest of the world no less spiteful towards her as she wandered the globe, and eventually decided to leave Somnortus for good.

Being unable to find any sort of steady employment, Calendua's life savings were small, and at the spaceport, she discovered her funds would only get her to a small, backwater planet near the edge of the galaxy; Earth, the third planet in the Sol system. With nothing to lose, she took the plunge and bought a ticket to Earth, leaving her planet behind and stepping out onto a new world.

Unsure of what to do with herself from there, Calendua eventually crossed paths with one Dr. Emilia Krauze, an alien immigration expert and inventor who recommended she pursue her passion for all things herbal by opening a gardening shop. After being given a SapienSwitch to help her along, Calendua opened her business and ended up becoming very successful, with her cheery personality and unmatched knowledge on plants of all sorts making her a go-to source for her community's gardening needs.


Despite her cruel treatment from a young age, Calendua managed to nurse a small but steady spark of hope that kept her going. After forging a new life on Earth, Calendua's full personality was finally allowed to bloom forth, displaying a bright and cheery disposition supported by her relief and appreciation for finding a place to call home.

Calendua retains a very close attachment to plants, thoroughly researching and learning to care for every piece of flora that comes her way. Her passion for her craft is obvious, giving her a rare charisma not usually found in the workplace. Being an alien, she doesn't always understand humans but does her best to resolve problems with compassion, fully aware of the damage that being close-minded and hostile can do.


In her natural form, Calendula has the ability to create and control flowers. Her petal-like hands hide thorned vines that contain an anesthetic capable of putting most any organic species to sleep. Once asleep, she has the ability to enter and control her target's dreams so long as she keeps her vines connected to their body. Some customers have requested she use this ability to cure their insomnia or even interpret their dreams, to which she politely explains that they would be better off consulting a sleep professional.



SapienSwitches are small, Omnitrix-like devices that allow aliens to assume human form in order to make better use of Earth's human-focused infrastructure.



  • Calendua's name is derived from the word "Calendula", a genus including marigolds.
  • The various types of Somnium Herba do not correspond directly to Earth flowers; the Universal Translation software of Earth-83 simply finds the closest comparison for simplicity's sake.
  • Calendua's character is inspired by the various meanings of the marigold across the world; generally speaking, it represents pain and grief, and is directly associated with death in Mexican traditions such as Day of the Dead. That said, it can also be interpreted as promoting cheer and joy or symbolizing a desire to be successful, reflecting her upbeat personality.
  • If you don't know how this connects to the contest's theme of "May Flowers" I don't even know what to tell you here my dude.

"[...her] personality was finally allowed to bloom forth" I'm going to shove a fork down your throat, CaT

The most surprising part of this entry is that the infobox works inside the fanon con entry box.

My joke quota aside, this is a very solid entry that takes the theme very literally and bombards you with every possible way that "May flowers" could possibly be applied to a character. The character is a flower. She likes flowers. She lived among flowers. She sells flowers. She is precious, like a flower.

While Beastazoid's entry tries to be more, this entry knows what it is and presents a small, neat, self-contained sliver of its universe to you. Like a slice of cake. You shouldn't be (and in Calendua's case, aren't) left asking what the rest of the cake looks like.

I also now feel like a bit of an ass. Again, I did not read the writing entries. I had no idea Calendua is a part of CaT's writing entry. When I was talking about "a bigger story" above, I was referring to Tech Cross. I only discovered that Calendua is from CaT's writing entry when I saw her "first appearance" in the infobox and clicked the link out of interest.


Congratulations to both of our entrants for this season's fanon con. You've both produced some adorable waifu's with some very cute artwork to accompany them.

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