Let's see how our contestants interpreted the theme of Charades.

Second Place

Jay's Entry
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Jacob Bertram
Jacob Jay 10.png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Unknown
Age 16
Affiliations Stormtree High
Occupation(s) Student
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Expert Sign Language
Voice Actor None

Jacob Bertram is a mute human from Earth. He was made for the 2020 Fall Fanon Con.


Jacob is a Caucasian teenager. He has bags under his eyes, representing his sleep deprivation. He has blond hair and wears a blue beanie. He has a purple shirt with an X pattern, which is pink. He has blue jeans and purple Velcro shoes.


It is quite unknown what Jacob's personality is due to his muteness, but he has been shown being kind, innocent and friendly to his peers. He is also shy and timid, and hates being in large crowds.

Powers and Abilities

Due to beng mute, Jacob is excellent at using sign language and charades to display what he is attempting to say.

Jacob seems to be an excellent fighter in combat, as he spends his nights training in various martial arts. He also has skill in using a bo staff and katanas.


Jacob is mute, meaning it might be confusing for those who do not use sign language to understand him.

Jacob has sleep deprivation and is normally tired most of the time.

Jacob will break from enough pressure due to his stressful workaholic nature.


  • Jacob is named his name because he is meant to have a name that does not stand out.
  • Jacob fits the theme "charade" because he is mute and therefore has to use charades to explain himself.
  • Ulti thought Jacob was supposed to be him, because of the blond hair. This is untrue.

The templates in this entry have shadow beneath any header text, which is showing up in the preview but not on the original page?

A few notes:

  • Mute people would still have obvious personalities, even if they're reserved and shy.
  • You don't need to explain why your character fits the theme, that should be obvious.

Other than that the character fits the theme well, albeit explicitly referring to his communication methods as charades takes away from the cleverness of it a little. Dressing up the entry more would work to your advantage. This is looking a bit too deep, but things often read better if you obscure your meaning just enough to up your word count but not too much to make it annoying to read. It's a balance, really.

First Place

Chocobonnie's Entry
Name: Mega-Anum

Species: Chronian (Time Traveling Cyborg)

Appearance: Unlike the more organic Eon, Mega-Anum is more cyborg in appearance, with a clock in his torso, and bronze metal on his robotic parts. He appears robotic in nearly every part of his body, except for his head which has a frail and pale human head, aged to extremities. On top of it, he wears a headgear with a small silver clock on it.

Powers: Like Eon, Mega-Anum has Time related powers. Though unlike Eon, instead of aging someone, He instead provides time illusions, messing with other's perception on time. He can use this as an advantage to trick people with their perception of time, by freezing a certain area in a moment of time

Abilities: He has the ability to Time Travel, as well as freezing time in an illusion to trick people

Weakness: Beings like Professor Paradox, Eon and Chronosapiens who have Time related powers themselves can see past the Charade

The illusion only lasts as long as he is awake and near the area. If he leaves or gets knocked out, it disappears

It took me a second to realise how this character fit the theme, however the time-trickery is an and indirect interesting take on the theme. I feel like this entry would mainly benefit from being fleshed out and being more cleanly formatted, but it wins out on its interpretation of the theme.


Congrats to our contestants, and especially to Chocobonnie for winning. Both entries today would benefit from being fleshed out I feel.

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