Well let's kick this fanon con off with a-



No one even signed up for this contest. Theme of Point Of View, not difficult, seemed kinda fun tbh.

Oh well, I've got this platform I might as well do something with it.

So since this blog might well get read by some newer users, here's some recommendations on what to read while you're here.

Current Series

E-10: Horizons
Let's be honest, this is the biggest show on the wiki in terms of readers and the one you're most likely to have already read. That doesn't make this series any less creative though. I really enjoy the Omni-Splicer forms and I looks forwards to see where Ethan takes it moving forwards.
Project Deca
Many MANY people have tried to make a mass-crossover series on this wiki. Many others have tried to make anniversary series. All failed. This series, though? This is the good stuff. Parodying where it needs to, being damn solid all the way through. God I do not envy CaT for having to write like 7 or so distinct variations of the same main character lmao.
Ben 10: ExOS
A pretty interesting take on the series if it continued in the same vein as the Original Series had. I love seeing how Carth modifies later aliens to the OS aesthetic, while tying together a more consistent overall narrative than the classic franchise could have.
Ben 10: Road Trip
Read my shit lmao.

Discontinued Series

Ben 10: Milky Way Race
I am really sad that this series ended with only one episode. On the plus side, the second episode was gonna be called Time Trials and I wanted to name a Road Trip episode that too. Oh, uh, I mean the upside is that CaT isn't trapped writing a series he's not attached to. That's what I mean.
Death of Ben 10
Read my shit lmao.
Mig X
Honestly, I've not read this series. However, the series has a dynamic playlist of aliens and is the birthplace of Terox- CaT's favourite villain on the wiki. With the legacy this series has, despite its relative inactivity in later years, it's well worth checking out.
John Smith 10
This franchise is completely massive. I can't vouch for it's quality but by god is this series worth a browse. It's pretty much a bigger franchise than Ben 10 is. Earth-68 is easily the most fleshed out multiverse on this wiki it blows me away that one guy, with help of some of his friends, had THIS much dedication.

So yeah, some rich history to go through here. Have fun reading any or all of it. And next time sign up for our damn contests. I had strings... But now I'm free...

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