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    Yeah okay so this was supposed to be out yesterday. I forgot. Oops. Luckily I'm as free today as I was yesterday so I can still judge the entries today.

    As a reminder, our theme for today is Thunderstorm.

    Feedback's Entry

    Note from Aaron: This entry is called "Nightmare Storm"

    Chapter made for Creayive Writting contest,Summer 2020 fanon con.Ben meets his future self while fighting an mysterious and dangerous enemy.

    (Zoom in towards the skies of Bellwood.)

    An storm is seen approaching Bellwood as an silhouette is seen being able to control the weather.

    (Silhouette):My name is Tempest Magistratum!And I am here to eradicate this universe of you insects!

    (A blue streak speeds through the city and lands a few inches from the srorm,revealing XLR8.)


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    Hey wow a fanon con contest where everyone submitted on time!

    ...April Fools!

    Today's theme for our character creation contest is "May Flowers". Let's see how our contestants took that theme.

    Beast's Entry
    Amaryllis "Feelgood" Peters is a character created for the Spring Fanon Con!

    (Editors Note: Sorry if it's not coded or tagged correctly, WiFi's out in my home and I'm typing this in my car in front of a Starbucks 40 minutes before work, so your boy's doing his best; I'll edit it when I both have time and Internet again.)

    Amaryllis Peters is an African American woman with yellow eyes, curly black hair, and dark, full lips. She has freckles along her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose and is never seen without a smile. 

    She wears a large yello…

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    Well let's kick this fanon con off with a-



    No one even signed up for this contest. Theme of Point Of View, not difficult, seemed kinda fun tbh.

    Oh well, I've got this platform I might as well do something with it.

    So since this blog might well get read by some newer users, here's some recommendations on what to read while you're here.

    E-10: Horizons
    Let's be honest, this is the biggest show on the wiki in terms of readers and the one you're most likely to have already read. That doesn't make this series any less creative though. I really enjoy the Omni-Splicer forms and I looks forwards to see where Ethan takes it moving forwards.
    Project Deca
    Many MANY people have tried to make a mass-crossover series on this wiki. Many others have tri…

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    Welcome to Summer 2019's Alien Design Contest. I'm the host Aaron and the theme was Flashiness. I'm really happy for the turnout this time around, with six contestants and six submissions- the best rate we've had in a long while for one of these contests. I'm going to be judging these in a more review-like manner cos screw it I'm the host here.

    0/10 I don't think you even tried.

    Oh hey, a note from Ethan:
    "Hi, this is EBOmnitrix submitting for what's probably the first ever Alien Design Contest! This is an alien I've had designed for a long time and who I've been saving for the future of E-10: Horizons. So you're about to get your first look at an exclusive never before seen alien. So stay tuned for when he arrives, and enjoy the show!"

    Using F…

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