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This is the first season of User World.

The Super Duper Awesome Pilot[]

'Pilot: Summary TBA.

Pineapple Invasion[]

Evil Pineapples invade!

Team Hits Rich[]

The team goes to Los Angeles for a holiday. But when they open there suitcases, in place of there clothes and stuff, there's a million dollars! But little do they know that the suitcase with money is actually a new villains suitcase of money, that will help him destroy the world.

Breakfast in Doomsvile[]

The gang go to have breakfast in a place called Doomsvile but they get trapped and worst of all , none of their aliens can break them out!

Solo and Brian's New Pet[]

While walking, Solo and Brian find a rock and decide to keep as a pet. But Dan accidentlay flushs it down the toilet, now he must find a new pet rock before Solo and Brian find out.