Ultis Icon
General Information
Species Polymorph
Home World Viscosia
Residence Viscosia
Occupation(s) King
Honorary Plumber
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shapeshifting
Acidic Slime
Slime Projection
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Flexibility
Equipment Visor
Anti-Gravity Hoverboard
Plumber Ship
Two Omnitrices
Chemistry set
Tachyon Cannon
Relatives Unnamed parents
UtliVerse (twin brother)
Alias Supreme Leader of the Polymorphs
Voice Actor Jesse McCartney

UltiVerse, nicknamed Ulti, is a roleplay character made by UltiVerse. He is a Polymorph from the planet Viscosia, of which he is the king.


He is a purple Polymorph with green eyes, which are covered by a light yellow visor. He wears a green T-shirt with grey outlines. There is a light yellow circle with a grey outline on the center of his T-shirt. He wears green fingerless gloves with grey cuffs, and often carries a grey jetpack on his back. His royal crown is fused with his Anti-Gravity Projector.


Ulti is an optimist, believing that there is something good about everything and everyone, and always tries to see the bright side even in the most hopeless situations.

Ulti is also a peacemaker, preferring to solve his problems by peace instead of violence.

Despite being born to a wealthy and powerful family, Ulti is kind and humble at heart, always putting the needs of his friends and his people before his own. However, his humility can also be mistaken for low self-esteem, as Ulti often gets discouraged by making even the simplest mistake.

Powers and Abilities

Ulti is indestructible, making it difficult to defeat him by attacking his body.

Ulti is capable of throwing blobs of goo and spraying acid from his hands, and can rotate his feet around like helicopter blades to damage enemies.

Ulti is able to generate and even shoot slime from any part of his body. The slime he generates can either be acidic or adhesive. He can shoot it in continuous streams similar to a water hose or in blob-like projectiles.

Ulti is able to dissolve a large variety of materials, making himself and his touch acidic if he wills it.

Ulti can stretch, bend and deform himself in any way shape or form.

Ulti can regenerate and rebuild himself with ease.


Ulti has a light yellow visor that helps him scan his surroundings, and also has a zoom function.

As king, like his predecessors, Ulti owns the royal crown and sword.

Ulti has an anti-gravity hoverboard that he can use to fly.

Being an honorary Plumber, he owns a Plumber ship that he can use to get around. However, he uses his main spaceship, UltiShip, much more often.

Ulti owns two Omnitrices that he can use to transform into different species. By syncing the two Omnitrices, he can fuse his aliens.

Alternatively, Ulti has a chemistry set that he can use to gain the powers of other species, but not their appearances or personalities, akin to the Unitrix.

The cuffs on his wrists double as web-shooters.

Ulti owns a jetpack that he can use to fly around. However, he cannot use this off-world.

If all else fails, Ulti has a Tachyon Cannon with the capability to take his enemies apart on a sub-cellular level. However, due to Ulti's morality, he does not use it.


Ulti can be hurt by being spun really fast in a centrifuge, which causes him to begin separating into his constituent compounds.

Ulti cannot reform if being continuously attacked.

Ulti's optimism and positive outlook on people can cause him to appear naive, as he usually trusts everybody, thus making him easy to trick.



Ulti was born to the Verse royal family and a long line of kings, with his ancestors being the founding fathers of Polymorph civilization. He was born five minutes before his twin brother, Utli. Since he was his parents' oldest child, he was given more attention than Utli as he was always set to rule his people. This caused Utli to resent him as he always felt inferior to him.

Some time after Ulti's coronation, Utli decided to leave Viscosia out of jealousy.

At some point after that, Ulti became an honorary Plumber.

Present Day

As king, Ulti spends his days making peace treaties with other civilizations, on top of maintaining peace on Viscosia. Ulti's dedication to his role as king and his people have gained him the respect of many other species.



  • UtliVerse: While Utli resents his parents for neglecting him, he respects Ulti for always trying to be there for him. However, Ulti and Utli have not spoken in years, as Utli went off the grid after Ulti's coronation. To this day, Ulti has yet to locate him.


Love Interests




  • Utli's name was taken from how users on the wiki sometimes misspell Ulti's (the user) name.
  • Credits to Ethan for the infobox image.
  • It is unknown if the events of the Ben 10 franchise happened in the timeline that Ulti comes from.
  • Ulti gained a lot of his equipment from other people during his excursions off-world.
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