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Hi Text_will_be_replace_with_username ! I am Sen100,a wiki contributor
I joined this wiki on 27-August-2016 and immediatly started editing.


When i was atleast......ummm....9 years old, i discovered this wiki and BTP wiki. I didn't know that we could edit and make our own Ben10. As i grew up, i got to know that we can make our own Ben 10! I tried to edit but i didn't know how to.....But, when i became 13, i discovered everything of the wiki and immediatly joined the wiki on 27-August-2016. As soon as i joined, i started editing and released the first episode of Sen15:The beginning. Later on, i discovered the admins, beureacrats and other freindly wikimates. I first befriended Waybig101, who runs the Waybig101 art service. I liked his politeness, so i made him my friend. Later, he invited me to help him with his series Ben10:The New Omniverse and he also made wikia for it, called TNO Wikia. On BTFF, when i discovered the admins, i liked them but Mig's earlier profile used to make me feel like he is an adult who is very serious about things, so i used to be somewhat scared of him but when he changed his profile, he looked to me as a friend, so i started talking to him and get help from him.

All the admins personality i noted are:

CaT: Talented, somewhat rude.

Migster7: Will be glad to help!

Ultiverse: Best User and Admin! (I would have given him Awards if i was able to)

So this is my history. Hope you enjoyed it reading!

Favourite Fanon Series


  • Text_will_be_replace_with_username
  • And other wikimates

Note:if i forgot to mention you or you want to be mentioned here,then write your name here.

Favourite Canon Series

  • Ben10 (All series)
  • Slugterra
  • Tom and Jerry
  • TMNT

Japanese Show

  • Doraemon
  • Ninja hattori
  • Pokemon (somewhat i like it)

My Created Series

  • Sen15:The beginning
  • More will come!

Favourite Wikis

  • BTFF
  • TNO wikia
  • BTP

Note:- Please keep in mind that i believe everyone is equal, that means nobody is greater than me (including the crats) or less than me. Everyone is equal to me!

I am active regularly so, you can almost ask anything to me. So, leave a message on my wall and i will try to help!

Thankyou for reading my userpage Text_will_be_replace_with_username ! Hope you enjoyed it.

Have a nice day!