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Season One

"MURDER: A Game of Life and Death” focuses on the mysterious killings taking place in the ancient Wikia Manor, where thirteen guests have arrived under the illusion that they will be undergoing a series of challenges to win a million dollars. However, the guests soon find out that they have been lured to the Manor by an elusive killer, whose vendetta remains unknown for a majority of the season. 

Forced to follow the Killer's rules, coupled with turmoil and paranoia, the guests watch as they are taken out one by one, until the fateful moment where The Killer's identity is revealed. Guiding the guests along the way is the peculiar butler, Charles Butler, an impressionable servant whose unique personality adds to the eeriness of the guests and their deadly situation. Assisted with Melina and Erica, the maids of the Manor, the stage is set for one of Sci100's most creative series yet as the guests are forced to answer one question:

Who Committed MURDER?

Season Two (dubbed Mystery Island)

Six months after the events at Wikia Manor, the slaughter is famous. Charles Butler, ironically the Butler, has found a new job at  The Butler and King Hotel and Resort.  The Hotel is for the wealthy, the elite, the powerful. Thirteen people have been selected to take part in a special two-week event testing the hotel before it officially opens. But not everything is as it seems. There are ties to Charles's past... and the pasts of everyone involved. The Past and the Present will collide with one another, as Charles is forced to acknowledge his life before the Manor, and the guests are forced to come to the realization that few will make it out alive. 

But in the most unlikely of circumstances, two will find love. One will find hate. One will realize his past is not what it seems. One will be revealed to be an old friend. One will earn a million dollars. Many will die, and one out of 13 guests will be revealed... as the Killer of Wikia Island. Only this time, the Killer knows Charles. Only this time, the Killer is giving the guests a mystery to solve. Only this time...

No One is Safe

Other Shows

Title Wiki Progress
The End of Wikia The Everything Everything Wiki Canceled
The End of Wikia is a Special 1 Season TV Series which deals with a mysterious figure who starts to destroy all of Wikia. However, Users join together and travel to the Online world, so they can fight to save Wikia. It originally had 2 seasons but the series was canceled.
Avengers of the Gods Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Wiki Canceled
The Series takes place in a world where the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and the  Heroes of Olympus series never occurred. In this world, a Demigod named James learns about the Greek gods and that all the myths are true. He goes to Camp Half-Blood, where he meets other demigods as well. However, a Prophecy is revealed and while the Demigods attempt to figure out what is going on, a mysterious group of 7 villains are planning to become the most powerful beings in the universe.
Batman: The Caped Crusader Batman Fanon Wiki Canceled
At the beginning of the Series, Bruce Wayne learns fighting techniques after his parent's death. He's forced to confront his past and save Gotham's Future from the criminal underworld and its mysterious yet deadly supervillians. As the Series goes on, he is forced to make tough decisions and makes allies, both which will affect what happens in the Final Battle against Good and Evil.