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Reo 54 was the wiki's August 2014 featured user!


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Reo 54 was the wiki's September 2016 featured user!


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Reo 54 was the wiki's June 2018 featured user!

Hello! Welcome to my user page. I'm happy u came here. here u can see...

My series

Party King/Bakugaso/Ninja121/Lego Ninja Era

  1. Omni-Legends
  2. Zane Miller 10
  3. Kai - The Alien Mage
  4. Shun 10
  5. Keith 10: Rise of Keith

FlameStrike96 Era

  1. Alien of the Week (Adopted from Ahmad)
  2. Ben 10: Shadows Emerge
  3. Deo 12
  4. BenAlien 10

Reo 54 Era

  1. UltiVerse: Protector of the Universe
  2. Albedo 10: Negaverse (Adopted from Jack)
  3. Ormerowon Virus (Adopted from Sif)
  4. Transformation (Series)
  5. Reo 19
  6. Powerful Lords: Origins (With Ahmad)
  7. Kay 12
  8. BTFF: The Inside Journey (Currently owned by BTF3)

SyncMaster940 Era

  1. Ethan 15
  2. Ahmad 20

LexTennyson Era

  1. Angelex

The New Era

  1. Reo's Ideas
  2. Reo's Alien Arena
  3. The Galactic Tales
  4. Ben 10: Hero's Journey

The Reboot

  1. Different
  2. Albedo: Atonement
  3. Untitled New Series

My Video Games


In Development



My Movies




My Achievements

  • I have 24 "All is Fair in Luck and War" badges or as they used to be known as "Rarest Living Gem on the Galaxy" Badges for the 675,000 edit, 670,000th edit, 637,000th edit, 614,000th edit, 596,000th edit, 592,000th edit, 586,000th edit, 584,000th edit, 583,000th edit, 580,000th edit, 579,000th edit, 565,000th edit, 553,000th edit,  537,000th edit,  524,000th edit, 497,000th edit, 480,000th edit, 476,000th edit, 471,000th edit, 347,000th edit, 344,000th edit, 343,000th edit, 337,000th edit and for the 309,000th edit. (In this account)
  • I'm 2nd on the leaderboard. Wow! What a surprise
  • My Alien, Balance Flame, was the featured alien of September 2013.
  • I was the Featured User of August 2014!
  • My series, UPOTU, was the featured series of September 2014, tie with Benjection.
  • My character, Speedair, was the featured character of November 2014.
  • My Record of edits per day is 400 edits! WHOO HOO! (achieved on 18/11/14)
  • MY alien, Ultimate Ditto (Ahmad 15), was the featured alien of December 2014.
  • My Alien, LineRider, was a tie with Nova Hero as the Featured Alien of July 2015.
  • My Character, UltiVerse, was the Featured Character of July 2015.
  • I Was Featured User of September 2016.
  • My Alien, FlashBack, was featured alien of November 2016.
  • My series, Reo 19, was featured series of November 2017.
  • I was Featured User of June 2018.
  • My alien, Blastrike, was featured alien of December 2018, tie with Slick Stick.
  • My series, Alien of the Week, was featured series of December 2018.

And this is where I would but a wall of previous avatars, but it would be way too long...