Hey guys, it's me, Renneth King! I'm the guy that does some of the projects you see here on BTFF wiki, and does alot of pivot animation for my spare time. I love the cool things I see on this wiki (Mostly if I made them), and the wiki has shown itself to have grown over the past years, and I turned from newb to full-time user!

|AB |Brian |Binks |Kross |Ancy |Rex |BryWarrior |Toon |Diamond |Paper |Ahmad


These are the friends I love to have fun with and do things with, or just sit down and chat with....

150px-24155010.png.jpg 150px-8498453.png.jpg 150px-3441048.png.jpg 150px-6366416.png.jpg 150px-4928891.png.jpg 150px-4050367.png.jpg
Speedy Reo Brandon Bloxx Sklei Sci
150px-3074300.png.jpg 150px-3284633.png.jpg 150px-4718313.png.jpg 150px-5163958.png.jpg 150px-4247195.png.jpg 150px-5808884.png.jpg
Nick Will Zon Lego Sub Ultra
150px-6487606.png.jpg 150px-4848837.png.jpg 150px-5342991.png.jpg 150px-5486221.png.jpg 150px-4969948.png.jpg 150px-4586893.png.jpg
Space Coke Dark Ulti Mig Jack
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