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Brevity is the soul of wit, and I'm not witty. Formerly Cokedragon. Creator of the Alien Universe and upcoming DC's Ben 10.

Ongoing Projects

The following all apply only to personal pages.

Section Reorgs


  • Legacy Conversion: Converting the first 31 episodes and Shorts (31 episodes/31) (6 Shorts/6)
    • Legacy Conversion II: Re-converting the first 31 episodes and Shorts (using updated Converter) (0 episodes/31) (0 Shorts/6)
  • Synopses: Adding Synopsis sections to all episodes and Shorts (6 episodes/33) (0 Shorts/5)
  • Characters: Consolidating Characters with its Villains subsections and standardizing the way Aliens Used are listed (will be, "Aliens Used (by X)" in all episodes, without subsections, even for multiple Omnitrix users)
  • Unaired Episodes: Adding pages for all unaired Season 2 episodes with blank Story sections and above requisites (1 episodes/5)
    • Season 3 currently excepted.


Future Projects

Other Projects

  • Documentation: All portable infoboxes in Category:Portable Infoboxes, as well other templates I've put together, will move Documentation to a subpage that will be transcluded onto the page.