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Brevity is the soul of wit, and I'm not witty. Formerly Cokedragon. Writer for Back in Action: Alien Universe.

Ongoing Projects

Section Reorgs


  • Legacy Conversion: Converting the first 31 episodes and Shorts (31 episodes/31) (6 Shorts/6)
  • Synopses: Adding Synopsis sections to all episodes and Shorts (6 episodes/33) (0 Shorts/5)
  • Characters: Consolidating Characters with its Villains subsections and standardizing the way Aliens Used are listed (will be, "Aliens Used (by X)" in all episodes, without subsections, even for multiple Omnitrix users)
  • Unaired Episodes: Adding pages for all unaired Season 2 episodes with blank Story sections and above requisites (1 episodes/5)
    • Season 3 currently excepted.


  • Histories: All character histories cut off somewhere around the middle of BiA S1; this will be rectified.
  • Gold Star: Achieving Gold Star Article Badges on all Episode, Character, and Omnitrix Alien pages related to BiA.
    • Species, Planets currently excepted (will possibly be deleted if there's not enough information, and/or it's mostly duplicated from other pages; ie. Mother System)