aka Pops!

  • I live in A Dark Planet With Terrible Creatures Inhabiting It.
  • I was born on December 4
  • My occupation is To Save My Planet From Threats.
  • I am MALE
Hello friends I usd to be [link] (Poptropica12341234) but I accidently forgot my password...!!....All the badges Pop has earned go on this account of mine....Plz dont comment on POp's page but do it here.....

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  • Pops
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  • Jake
  • Popper


Jaken (refered Jake) is the twin brother of the famous hero Ben Tennyson. He wears the Ultratrix on his left wrist. Jake though wears a black T-shirt and not green and black one like Ben.

Powers and Abilities

Jake wears a matrix given by Azmuth called the Ultratrix (short for: Ultra Matrix). It accesses every current DNA from the Omnitrix, Ultimatrix , along with new ones.

He is also physically strong being able to lift double of his own size. His sister, Jerolin, wears a matrix too. As all matrixes come with Jake's DNA, he can command the Mana-matrix too.

Aliens in the Ultratrix:

To see full list go on: Ultratrix


Ultratrix (Jake 10: Aliens Unleashed)


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