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Series Ideas, Plots, and Arcs
  • Damadged Dimensions
    • Ben 10: ParaNormal
      • ?????
    • Inversed Roles Rebooted
      • Season 1 Main ArcsJohn, Argit + Ben
      • Season 1 SideplotsFinn, Zak
      • Season 2 Main ArcsTime War + Cryptids
      • Season 2 SideplotsBen, Finn


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Series Ideas
  • I Am The Hero
    • Ben's world is litterally in ruins. He can't find a single place he can call home. He's a billionare, along with his family. Of course, his family doesn't trust him, so what's it matter about his family? He's just considered as a wealthy irresponsible yet charming person to most people. However, he's about to become alot more than that. He's a hero, but he can't tell anybody. They'll think he's crazy, he's...damadged, just like the dimension he lives in. He wants to protect his friends, family, city, but it's hard when you have an identity to protect, one bad guy after a bad guy to kill, and even more when every cop in town just thinks of you as a crazy murderer out to strike vengeance on the bad people of the city.
  • MC
    • Steven, Shifty, Glory, and Tobias aren't just normal aliens. They are super-intellingent aliens with abilities most members of their species don't have. The Intergalactic Police took them away from their families, saying it "was safer for them to be alone". What the families didn't know is that they were actually being taken away in order to win and fight in multiple events in order to bring the Intergalactic Police out of debt. However, they evolve into much more than just a simple fighting group...
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