aka Glorified G

  • I live in help
  • My occupation is lonely
  • I am good thanks

hi, i'm sol. my main passions are gaming, web development, foreign language, writing, shitty politics, theology, mythology, history, and music.

i currently consider myself fluent in html, css, and bootstrap, and i'm learning the basics of java scripting (whichever version you use on webpages) (see i told you i was learning the basics).

other languages i'm fluent in - besides coding - would be just english. i'm not very good at many other languages, but i know the basics of german, spanish, italian, portuguese, and esperanto (enough that i can recognize them and translate them to english rudimentarily)

i have an intense fear that one day, when i go to take a shit, the shit will take me instead

other stuff i like:

  • Music:
    • Mindless Self Indulgence
    • Covet (my current profile pic)
    • The Strokes
    • The Virgins
  • Games:
    • Borderlands (own all of them except for 3 but I wrote this before 3 came out)
    • Terraria
    • Warframe
    • A bunch of Pokemon fangames
  • Pretty much anything Marvel
  • Scott Pilgrim
  • Homestuck

my favorite batman comic is Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious Earth and i implore you to check it out

here are my series, or at least the ones that i care about:

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