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Fusion Images™ is a fictional Entertainment and Graphics company owned by and named after NickFusi0n, a user of Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki.

Despite Nick working on several projects in the past, the company's official title has not been recognized prior to January 9, 2015.

As of January 25, 2015, the "distributor" was officially dubbed as "company" and the logo was updated.


Fusion Images generally works on artwork and fictional stories. Fiction can also mean fan fiction, such as that on this very wiki. Fusion Images has also developed logos for other fictional stories as well as episode title cards, VFX and backgrounds.


  • NickFusi0n "Nick" (CEO, Main Developer) - The owner and CEO of the company, Nick is the main developer and produces almost the entire content the company releases. He specializes in graphic design. That includes VFX, backgrounds and most notably, logos. He also writes on an average basis and sometimes assists other writers in their projects.


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