aka The 623rd Nano ever made

  • I live in In the MilkshakeTender Stand
  • I was born on July 25
  • My occupation is Serving Shakes
  • I am Doing things you never knew I would be doing... Just joking..... Or Am I?

Nano623 Here & I Randomz all over stuf

i'M No. 232

Series & Movies


As A Writer

  • Nano 10
  • Unknown New Random Series?!

As A Character


As A Writer

  • ???

As A Character


(Not in a particular order, alphbetical)

  1. Ahmad
  2. Brandon
  3. Oussama
  4. Sixef
  5. Steve
  6. Turu
  7. Lsvel

Favorite Stuff




  1. Ultimate Echo Echo
  2. Fasttrack
  3. Lodestar
  4. Chromastone
  5. Eye Guy


  1. BrandonBot
  2. Raidiation
  3. Feet Balled
  4. Snow Bear
  5. Andromea

Quotes and Stuff

Salutations Sir (Name),Need A Milkshake?

–Me, When Someone Comes On Chat

Roses Are Red

My Name Is Dave

This Poem Makes No Sense


–Me, Reciting The Best Poem Ever

It's Me,It's Me

,It's Six





Alternate Selves



Shaketender dons a classic black suit jacket and tie with a white shirt inside, he wears blue trousers with a brown leather belt with a silver buckle & black shoes.

(A List of Shakes served will be given later)


Appearance & Powers

Can't really Explain His Appearance so, Here

He has the power of flight, LightBane has a third eye on his forehead, from which he could fire a light beam. & he posses 2 trademark moves:

  • Light Fist (a move where he punches his opponent and goes right through them so that he is behind his opponent)
  • Heaven's Door (a move that involves performing a strong uppercut, followed by flying high into the air with the opponent, and finally, slamming the opponent's body into the ground)

He also owns the Message In A Bottle sword

Its unknown if his main rival is Dark Essence or if he was just targeted by LightBane for his ''Evil Nature''''


It's been a long journey my friend, hope you enjoyed it!

–Me, At The End Of My UserPage

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