Len Vennyson

aka TurboDude

  • I live in My House
  • My occupation is Student,Wikian,YouTuber
  • I am An awesome guy


I am the creator of Ben 10 : Ultimate Adventure logged in! I have many hobbies wich include Watching TV,Going on the computer,riding on my bike,reading,writing storys,having fun with my little sisters and playing with my babie sister.Oh I also like to make Ben 10 Ultimate Adventure episodes on my camera and hanging out with my best buds.

Top 8 favourate shows

8.Adventure Time

7.Everybody Hates Chris

6.Malcolm in the Middle

5.Pair of Kings

4.Aaron Stone (When it still aired)

3.Regular Show

2.I'm in the Band

1.Ben 10 : Ultimate Alien

Top 3 favourate book series

5.Diary of a Wimpy Kid

4.Horrid Henry/Dirty Bertie

3.Captain Underpants

2.Ben 10 Storybooks

1.Beast Quest

My Series's

  • Ben 10 : Ultimate Adventure : Ben,Kevin,Gwen,Julie and Ken battle evil the new way!
  • The NRG Show : NRG is the host of his own show.Watch him as he talks about and goes on adventures through the Ben 10 World!
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