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Blake Dani Hannah Jay WTB

Hey there, and welcome to my userpage! I'm JayTVStudios, but you can call me Jay. I am a member of the Feedback Committee. I am addicted to Coca-Cola, and a comic writer and YouTuber, as well as an aspiring actor. You can check out my comic series, Jay 10, on Jay 10 Wiki. You can also check out my YouTube channel!

I'm a relatively friendly guy who's open to making friends. I can work very hard normally, but I'm also a casual slacker and couch potato. My timezone is UTC+8, and my birthday is April 9th.

All the links on my page are yellow!


If you wish to give me suggestions on my userpage or anything, or even contact me, send me a message on my message wall!





One Direction Spotify playlist

Stuff About Me


  • Hey guys, it's Jay here from JayTVStudios. (YouTube intro)
  • Lightbolts out! (YouTube outro)
  • JayEpic! (A variation of UltiEpic!, secondary summon word)
  • Thunderblaze. (self-made word)
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