Hey, I'm back from 2 years of hiatus... I hope that I won't be as bad a writer as I was before, because I'm now actually 13. I've just finished some scholarship exams and so I can spend my time getting back into this Wikia. Ranked 63... Nice though!

Right Now...

I'm working on Kai right now, it's about Ben's son and his problems... set after the First Universal War, in 2016. That makes Ben born in 1976, Isabelle in 1977, and Grandpa Max born in 1936. 


I also love athletics, having broken into the top 20 in England for U13 100m. That is not a lie: 

Videos here: U13 100m Final

Proof: (I ran 12.66 last year at Nationals, unfortunately came second... )Athlete Profile

Bolded are the ones I will improve this year

Event Performance(s) [wind, unofficial, official) Age (YY.M) Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
100m 12.15 [u], 12.26w, 12.3 13.0, 12.3, 13.1 17/04/2017, 21/07/2016, 14/05/2017
200m 24.44 [u]


150m 18.18w,18.78  12.11, 13.0 25/03/2017, 17/04/2017
60m 7.78i 12.10 18/02/2017
4/100m Relay c. 49.78 13.0 21/04/2017
LJ 4.92i, 5.04 [u] 12.10, 13.1 18/02/2017, 26/05/2017
50m 6.4 [u] 13.1 24/05/2017
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