Have any of you ever thought that maybe the world is all a dream? That everything you've ever experienced is what you are making yourself experience? That none of this really exists, you just think it does? Have you ever wondered what's going on outside of your little world? If there's something more to life, something that nobody knows about, wouldn't you love to see it? Are you truly living? Could it be that you're dead? Or not yet alive? Can we really see? Are we really hearing what is meant to be heard? Have we really felt what it means to be alive?

–Some philosophy.

Hi, I'm HungarysSkilletXFrancesFace, formerly known as Sierravs.world. You can call me Sierra or Skil. I'm not here currently (I might come back sooner or later), but you can contact me on The Everything Everything Wiki or Ultimate Pokemon Fanon Wiki. Thanks for your time.

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